AlfredCamera MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)


Alfred MOD is a free and reliable security camera app designed for monitoring your home, office, babies and pets. More than 70 million families use this app, which allows you to care for your loved ones remotely. This app provides a straightforward and Secure way and offers peace of mind whether you’re at home or away. With this app, you can keep an eye on your surroundings, making security and money Singh accessible and convenient.


Away from the home, enjoying summer, beaches and outdoor activities. It’s important to stay vigilant about your safety. This app offers peace of mind for your hotel room. It offers a smart Motion Detector that instantly alerts you of any potential intruders. You can talk to intruders through the walkie-talkie, zoom in, use night vision, and gather evidence for security and peace of mind during your travels.


If you’re concerned about loved ones struggling with post-pandemic anxiety and adapting to normal life, Alfred home security cameras can offer support. By repurposing old phones as cameras, you can monitor your family’s well-being in real time. Plus, remote calls keep you connected and help ease your anxiety. Alfred’s interactive technology simplifies your life while ensuring your loved ones’ safety and mental health during this transition.


Most of the users believed in one app because this app offered more features than pricey security cameras. It provides 24-by-seven live feeds, HD quality, night vision, a smart intruder alert, walkie-talkie communication, and unlimited cloud storage for your recorded videos. It’s a comprehensive and cost-effective solution that people adore for their security needs.


AlfredCamera is your top choice whether you need CCTV for security, a baby monitor for your newborn, or a pet cam to keep your pets entertained.


With Alfred Home Security Camera, you can easily create your own DIY home security camera in just 3 minutes. No cost, no technical skills required—just your creativity! Alfred offers professional-grade features for a robust home surveillance system.


You can protect your front door and backyard without hiring a security guard. This app has got you covered. Unlike traditional CCTV or home surveillance systems, you can place Alfred cameras wherever you need to boost security, and you have the option to add or remove them whenever you want.


If you are new to choosing CCTV cameras for monitoring your home, babies, pets or IP cameras with good reviews, then there is a smarter solution. You don’t purchase any of these devices to monitor the activities because this is an all-in-one app for all simple and complex installations. You can simply download the app and transform your old devices into DIY IP cameras. This app uses advanced technology, and more chances are to protect all your activities from others.

Multi-functional home surveillance camera

This app has the ultimate home surveillance camera you will ever need. It is free, versatile, and easy to use with a simple user interface. There are no hidden charges or monitoring fees. You can simply configure it in your home. Automations are creating a smart home with Google Assistant. This app is an essential component.

People are using old phones for different purposes. Alfred makes it easy to use yours as a baby cam, nanny cam, pet cam, or security camera.

Key features

Using this app, you can check the live view and check out words happening in real-time.
Use the zoom-in feature for a closer look and maintain crystal clear details.
You can use low light filters to see more clarity in dim light with the software’s best night version.
This app allows you to record for 24 hours and play back at any time to find out what is happening.
This app allows you to save the critical moment captured in motion Trigger videos.


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