Ambatukam Dreamybull Clicker MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Ambatukam Dreamybull Clicker
Ambatukam Dreamybull Clicker

Are you excited to discover all the Ambatukam has to offer? Enter the fun and crazy Universe of Ambatukam Clicker game field with Ambatunat that will make you laugh and alot to earn TUKAMCOINS, like a meme expert.


Use your earned TUKAMCOINS smartly to access impressive upgrades and enhance your ability to create amazing Ambassings. Increase your production expand your influence and witness a continuous influx of TUKAMCOINS. Investing wisely will unlock the potential to achieve greater success in Ambassing and make your resources exponentially. With careful decisions, you will notice your TUKAMCOINS adding up and your Ambatunat projects thriving, enabling you to succeed in this distinctive endeavor.

Key features

This app is user-friendly and easy to use by all users.
This app supports multiple clicks.
You can import or export automatic script.
You need an Android 5.1 or higher version to install this app on your device.
This app is compatible with almost all Android and IOS devices.
You can record the coordinates after the place to be touched.
You can control the touch speed with time.
You don’t need to require root access.
Allow users to adjust the interval time between actions.


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