Animal Kingdom: Coin Raid MOD APK (Unlimited Energy)

Animal Kingdom
Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom: Coin Raid is a free mobile game where you interact with adorable animals in a coin-best adventure. In this game, you explore Iceland and arehabited by these animals. Engage in coin raids to collect coins from other players and use those coins to construct your own unique Kingdom, complete with different buildings and decorations. As you progress in the game, you unlock new characters, and each character has special abilities, and you can explore the fascinating world of these animals. You can play this game with friends and rivals and add competitive elements to your journey as you strive to become the ultimate ruler of the animal kingdom.

Game Overview

Engage millions of players worldwide in this captivating animal-themed adventure game: Construct an island, Create bridges, embark on rights, and amass treasure island coins. Explore the animal Islands’ steel coins and develop your Kingdom to become the ultimate ride master. Lunch your coin-collecting journey, unlock fresh characters, and unveil the enchanting animal realm.

This free-to-play coin game rides your arrival as simply as you work towards building, you are animal treasure island. Prove your supremacy to your friends as the true right King, participate in the coin challenge, and climb to the top of the leaderboard.

Explore the animal Treasure Island.

In this game, conquer drivers Iceland snatch coins from fellow players and establish your dominance as the ultimate coin master. If you want to take your Iceland to the next level of the animal kingdom, create a team with Facebook friends, start your animal adventure as you explore different worlds, mute with New exciting characters as you progress, and then participate and coin where victory awaits.


Construct bridges to connect Iceland, collect the coins from upon, and gather animal cards to enhance your Iceland and Excel and coin challenges. In this game, you will access new territories while plundering coins and trees from rivers fuels your progress. Moreover, collecting animal cards enhances your Eye lens features and helps you Excel at the coin-collecting challenges, adding layers of strategy and excitement to your gameplay.


In this entertaining raid game, you can win coins, trials, cash, or gems by engaging in daring thefts and raids on other players’ animal islands. Start your animal kingdom adventure by collecting coins and establishing your dominance as the ultimate raid king. It’s all about strategy stealing and winning in this exciting adventure.


In this game, you can attack friends and others, raid their lands, and steal their coins and treasures. Protect your own Iceland from attacks, and if someone intrudes on you, you can get Revenge by taking their gold coins and gems. It’s a game where anything can happen in the pursuit of riches.


You are exploring Iceland and the Kingdom while covering special animal cards. Complete the collection to earn fantastic rewards, including island coins and exclusive power-ups. If you enjoy multiple raid games where you can attack friends and online players, you are in for a treat. This thrilling coin game rides various Iceland accumulated millions of coins and participates in exciting coin runs immediately.

How do you play Animal Kingdom to become the King of coins?

To play this game, tap and hold to build a bridge and then release to drop the Bridge onto the adjust and platform. Hold perfect duration to earn School rewards, Iceland coins, gems, and more. Your running animal will show you the way with every Bridge you build. You can make and collect cash from each successful Bridge to spend on gear for your eyes and belt island progress and discover a new animal world. Collect all the animal cards, get coins, and make yourself the island king and the true Kingdom ruler.

Key features

Collect Golden coins.
Run fast with your favorite animal.
Build your own Kingdom.
Attack your friends as if you are an online player and steal your friends’ coins.
Win Huge jackpots.
Discover new islands.
In the modified version, you can easily unlock unlimited energy.
All the ads are removed when you are an animal playing against another player.


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