Arena Breakout Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

Arena Breakout
Arena Breakout

Arena Breakout is an RPG game that allows you to showcase your creativity with thrilling titles and adventures. This game takes you to new and unknown places. These places are full of secrets and surprises you haven’t seen before. The arena is a practice area where you can improve your skills and practice shooting and different settings. This game provides an opportunity to become a more powerful Hero by defeating all the opponents quickly and becoming the ultimate winner. 

Arena Breakout is an advanced, immersive game combining tactical first-person shooting elements with unique gameplay. This is the first game that introduced the concept of an extraction looter shooter.” this means that the game focuses on extracting variable items and resources while engaging in Battles. 

You can defeat your enemies directly and snake past them without being noticed. You have the freedom to fight in any way you like. You may get a special price if you stay alive and scared of the fighting areas but remember, it won’t be easy. You have to be ready to fight and do whatever you can to survive in the game. 

Game Features 

In this game, you aim to shoot, collect valuable items, and break out of challenging situations to ensure victory by defeating your opponents. In the game, you will get the opportunity to climb the items. This can revolve around shooting skills to use this skills to eliminate enemies and get resources from them. Quick and accurate in your actions as you progress through the game, you will encounter various obstacles and challenges that require thinking and adaptability. 

Breakout and emerge as the victorious winner

It’s not just about the last person standing. You can make choices in the game. You can aim, attack, and find a safe place to hide and move. The important thing in the game is to stay alive and escape from the battle and use strategies to defeat and survive in the game to make the victory. 

You either win everything or lose everything.

To win in this game, you need to take risks. The game offers high rewards for those who take risks in the battles. This game is designed for mobile devices and allows you to win high prizes or lose everything. 

The Gunsmith in the game is the best and most powerful.

The players can personalize their weapons using the advanced Gunsmith system. You can use over 700 gun parts to customize your weapons by combining and selecting these parts. These parts can be mixed into more than 10 modifications. Different parts are available for each weapon. You can also create a unique weapon that suits your style, and you can carefully select and assemble these parts players to enhance the performance and capability of their firearms and make them more effective in battle. 

The gunplay in the game feels very realistic.

The game uses special technology to create realistic lighting and Shadow effect in real time. It also uses Volumetric Cloud technology which adds depth clouds to the game. The game has over 1200 sound effects, making its Audio feel like It’s coming from a high-quality gaming console. All the features work together to create a visual and sound to make players feel fully immersive in the game, and the players enjoy a PC view on their mobile. 


  • Fixed minor bugs 
  • Added new missions. 
  • Added new characters and updated tutorials. 
  • Added 15 new languages. 
  • Added a referral system to invite your friends to unlock unique rewards.


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