Being a DIK Mod APK (Full Season, For Android)

Being a DIK Mod APK (Full Season, For Android)

Being a DIK Mod APK is a role-playing game that allows users to control their character through an American University. The player makes new female friends from worldwide. The game is full of private fun, and the student leaves the house and goes to the university, then decides to leave the university.

What is Being a DIK Mod APK?

It is a role-playing game the player delegates different varieties of characters and Makes new male and female friends. Their multiplayer games and choose their favorite novel category. The female player characters share their favorite moments with them. They make new college friends with a lot of entertainment. The game has three seasons, each with a unique story and entertainment.


The game allows you to enjoy an enhanced gameplay experience by adding unavailable features in the original app. They allow users to unlock the new storyline and access new characters and premium items to attract women. The game includes some short animated scenes with some CG graphics. All the scenes are high-quality graphics with many features. The player focuses on the gameplay to make female friends, and they try to make them happy.


The game’s story is well-engaged and designed, and the game explores different themes, including love, friendship, and betrayal, and the player chooses the theme which reflects their storyline. The player has the option to choose the character and also customize them.

Skip the mission

The game has different machines, and if you already play the mission in the game and this will allow you to keep the mission you don’t like and then continue to the other mission. This will help to save you time, and you don’t spend too much time on any single mission.

Key Features

  • When selecting a visual novel, the game has stunning graphics and a unique 3D view.
  • The storyline of the game is unique and fascinating. It busy users for a couple of hours.
  • This app solves a difficult puzzle and helps them to complete the mission.
  • This game has no ad because it’s a modified version that shows no advertisement during the gameplay.
  • Using the Mod version, you will access all the game items for free, which helps save your time and effort to complete the missions and unlock all items.
  • To unlock a different item, click on the unlock all items button; it’s located on the home screen.
  • If you want to play the game without cheats, you simply turn off the cheat button and then continue again.

Different cheats to use

The game has different types of cheats, and all the cheats have different features, including item unlock mission, skip the mission, make unlimited friends, unlocked money, and more if you want to use the cheats on your game, simply click on the “Cheat Button” which available in the home screen right corner.


The app has a diverse cast of characters, from Richard to Monika; all the characters show love and interest in the city to make history, background, personality, and motivation. The instruction and relationship with these characters play an important role in the game.

What’s new

  • Remove the screening issue from episodes 1 and episode 4.
  • Removed the error of auto-reload in episode 3.
  • Add new characters in episode 3.
  • Add New song tracks in episode 1,3.
  • Now you can play the game with 3G internet.
  • Fixed an issue when the user commented on any character.
  • Fixed issue of Jill’s chat episode 7.


It offers engaging gameplay, high-quality graphics, and various characters and allows them to make friends and share their life activities with them. If you are a fan of novels and looking for a unique gameplay experience, this game is the best choice.


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