Call Bomber APK +MOD Download (Latest Version 2023)

Call Bomber APK +MOD Download (Latest Version 2023)

Call Bomber APK is an Android application that allows you to bombard any mobile number with multiple messages and calls. You can send hundreds of calls or text messages to a single number at one click, so if you want to prank your friend, call Bomber APK to send messages in bulk. 

What is Call Bomber Mod Apk 

The modified version, where you have unlocked all the messages and texts and sent them to your friends and contacts without blocking your number. The modified version sends unlimited messages to any number, even block numbers. The modified version does not require any payment for calls and messages. 

How Does Call Bomber APK Work? 

The working call bomber app is the same. First, install the application on your device, then open the application, put in the number you want to send bomber messages to, and then click the send button. After some moment, your messages will send to that number, and if you use a modified version, it will not write your data. 

What is a fake call bomber apk? 

This feature is also available to make a fake call to any random number to your friends and family members without a tracing problem. You can make call up to persons simultaneously, and this application handles all the outgoing calls. 


Fake phone call 

This application lets you make a fake chit-chat call with your friends and family. 

Launch unlimited missed calls. 

You can use the multiple missed call option with a simple click on the missed call button, and the call automatically launches. 

Call Bomber Supports multiple languages. 

The application supports multiple languages that easily send messages to anybody in its local language or the translator available where you can translate any of the messages. 

1000 bomber 

Using its unique feature, you can simultaneously send up to 100 bombard cars to your contact. 


The application can customize the number of calls or messages and the time interval between them. 

Free to use 

The call bomber application is free for all users on their Android and IOS devices, but some devices may not work very well, and it may require additional permission to function probably. 

Call Bomber WhatsApp 

The application offers users to send a bomber to their WhatsApp contacts. You can simply type their WhatsApp number and send multiple messages. This feature is only working on those numbers registered with WhatsApp. 

Call Bomber apk download

This is a free application for every user, and the downloading process is simple and easy. You can get the apk from Google Play Store or App Store. If you cannot find the application on this platform, click the download button below, and your downloading will start. After downloading, you will install the application on your device and send a fake call to your friends. 

Frequently asked questions 

Is Call Bomber APK legal? 

This application does not require personal information, so we can say this is legal. 

Can Call Bomber APK be detected by antivirus? 

Yes, some of the top anti-virus companies detect antivirus it is not harmful or dangerous for your devices. 

Can Call Bomber APK be traced by authorities? 

Yes, if you download the original application and send a message, you will be dragged, but if you use mod, your data will not save on any server, and there are fewer chances to trace your account. 

How do I stop bombarding calls?

If you are bombarded with multiple calls and messages, the best way to register your number is with a do not call list. This list was created by Federal Trade Commission in 2003 to overcome unwanted telemarketing calls. 

How do I stop spam calls permanently?

To permanently remove your mobile’s spam and promotional calls, simply voice calls 1-888-382-1222 and block all calls. 

Which is the best Call Bomber?

Call Bomber is one of the best car bombing applications available. 


If you are looking for a call bombing application and send multiple call messages to your friends and family, this application is the best choice. You can send unlimited call messages without cost, so I recommend you download and install the latest version of the application and start making multiple calls. 


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