Cat Simulator 2 MOD APK 1.1.4 (Unlimited money)

Cat Simulator 2
Cat Simulator 2

Cat Simulator 2 is a simulation game where you experience the life of a real cat exploring Gardens. Choose different cats and customize their look. Take on time-based challenges and enjoy annoying humans for fun. Enjoy playful interaction with other kittens in the new multiplayer mode, where you can play with friends or compete against people worldwide. It’s a cat’s world of adventure and mischief. If you are interested in playing cat simulation games, then download the app now to live the life of a real cat.


This game offers multiplayer Mode and challenges fellow animal lovers. Join forces with cute cats, form new bonds, and display your exceptional talents. In this multiplayer Mod, you will engage in friendly competitions, and the team will create an opportunity to make connections with other players who share the same interests and passion for animals. Whether you are with cute cats, it is clear it is a chance to enjoy the game socially, show Cause skills, and make friends in the community.


Which cat breed do you prefer? A refined British Cat, a mysterious Persian, or a cute grey kitty? If you’re feeling more adventurous, become a powerful tiger or a whimsical feline character like a baby panther.


Show your creativity by dressing up your cats exactly as you like. Choose from hats, funny glasses, stylish collars, and adorable shoes to give your beloved animal companion a unique look.


Start an exciting journey through 11 different locations and explore a vibrant neighbourhood. Start in a cosy apartment to learn the game’s basics. As you advance, you will explore expensive Gardens and unique houses, each filled with fun. Join a lively barbecue party, complete missions, and interact with humans and fellow animals along the way.


Join in fun activities that imitate your cat’s daily adventures. Explore activities like aiding the fridge, riding on the vacuum cleaner, enjoying a jacuzzi bath, and even venturing into the washing machine. Wake up a sleeping dog and enjoy many other playful antics inspired by your cat’s daily routine.


Easily control your cat: use the left joystick to move, the right jump button to leap and swipe to explore. You can also hit objects using the hit button to unleash your cat’s power.


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