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Chessis: Chess Analysis is an app designed to enhance your chess abilities through game and position analysis using the potent Stockfish engine. You can review and learn from your games using this app. Additionally, you can practice and improve your chest scales by playing against computer opponents of different difficulties.


You can use a special computer brand called Stockfish to look at your chess game and positions in this game. You can play against computer players who bring in your games from a place like or Lichess. You can make any chess situation on the board and check it out.

This app gives you complete information with reports showing the accuracy of your calling and more options. You can save your gameplay without any difficulty, and based on your notes, we give you a complete report on improving your gameplay.

You can also practice getting at chess by solving puzzles and trying different ways to start the game. You can play a special kind of chess or add another computer brand to play the game against him.

Key Features

Ability to analyze you are game and get complete game reports.
Using this app, you can completely analyze the chess positions with Stockfish Engine.
You can easily detect mistakes, blunders, Missed Wins, Best Moves, etc.
This app allows you to play chess against a computer according to your level.
You can easily Set up Board positions and easily analyze them.
Open Pgn files (PGN Viewer).
You can enable the blunder alerts and learn why it was a blunder.
Add multiple engine lines.
Ability to customize board color and pieces
Play engine lines.
Analyze your chess games from or Lichess.
Export Annotated Pgn.
You can change how details the analysis reports for your games, showing more or less information about moves and strategies.
Chess960 is a special feature where the starting positions of the pieces are randomized and add a new layer of strategy to the game.
This app is a collection of chess games, and you can search for its position using a unique code called FEN (Forsyth-Edwards Notation) that represents a particular game position.
Using UCI Engines additionally, chess playing engines which help you against computer appointments.
You can modify the settings of computer engines like the amount of memory are the number of threads they use to think about moves.
This app has a different list of guessing games, and you can explore them to learn various strategies.
You can draw arrows on a chess board to highlight certain moves are patterns during your analysis.
This app provides a percentage indicating how accurate your moves are compared to the best move suggested by the computer engine.
You can analyze your games best and how much time you spend on moving, our how deeply the computer engine analyses your gameplay.
This app shows the average Centipawn Loss (CPL) in the analysis reports.

Benefits of Chessis Pro

Play/Show “Why Blunder” Line
Play Engine Lines
Enable NNUE
Add unlimited engine lines
Adjust “Game Report Depth”
Adjust “Game Report Time”
Deep Analysis
While Playing, show each move’s strength
While Playing, get a mistakes alert as well
No Ads
Analyze unlimited games forever!
Key Elements


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