Cocobi Hospital: Kids Doctor MOD APK (Unlocked)

Cocobi Hospital
Cocobi Hospital

Cocobi Hospital: Kids Doctor is a simulation and educational game for children. In this game, kids can explore the world of medical care and take on the doctor role. They get the opportunity to assist doctor Coco and lobby in treating 17 unique patients with various illnesses and injuries. Additionally, children can enjoy the doctor songs, which introduce them to different Hospital roles, making learning a delightful experience. This is useful for kids to get inside into the world of Maddy’s sons while having fun.

17 Medical Care Games

This game offers 17 different medical care games for kids below.

Cold: Cure runny nose and fever.
Stomach Ache: Use a stethoscope and administer injections.
Virus: Find hidden viruses in the nose using a microscope.
Broken Bone: Treat and bandage injured bones.
Ears: Clean and heal swollen ears.
Nose: Clear a runny nose.
Thorn: Remove thorns and disinfect wounds.
Eyes: Treat red-eye and select glasses.
Skin: Disinfect and bandage wounds.
Allergies: Be cautious of food allergies.
Bee: Help a patient stuck in a beehive and lure away bees.
Spider: Capture and remove spiders and webs from the arm.
Butterfly: Attract butterflies away with flowers.
Health Check-up: Get a check-up.
Octopus: Remove octopus tentacles.
Fire: Rescue patients from fires and perform CPR.
Lovesick: Assist with heart-related issues.

These scenarios teach kids about various medical situations engagingly and educationally.


KIGLE developers of this can create educational and enjoyable games designed for childrens. The developer offers free games for kids aged 3 to 7, ensuring that children of various groups can engage and delight in their content.

Original Hospital Game

Emergency Call: Quickly write the ambulance to rescue patients.
Hospital Cleaning: Clean all the hospital and remove the dust from the floor and Wards.
Window Cleaning: Clean all the dirty Windows of the hospital.
Gardening: Use different items to take care of the plants
Medicine Room: Organize the medicine cabinet

various medical scenarios

Fun Doctor Play: The game has many patients treat colds, stomachaches, broken bones, allergies, and more. Become a doctor to help the sick patients.
Cold: Examination includes wiping a runny nose, checking temperature, and using a stethoscope. Care involves administering a flu shot and medicine to eliminate germs.
Stomach Ache: Examination utilizes hands and a stethoscope, with care involving an injection, medicine, and heat therapy to address stomach germs.
Fever: Examination entails thermometer and nose swab checks for nose viruses. Care involves identifying and removing viruses.
Broken Bone: Examination involves X-RAY scans, and care includes fixing and bandaging broken bones.
Ear Problems: Examination focuses on cleaning and examining ears, with care involving bug removal and infrared therapy.
Itchy Nose: Examination includes nose cleaning, and care eliminates nose germs.
Thorns: Examination involves thorn removal, with care comprising medicine and wound bandaging.
Red-eye: The examination uses a microscope to detect eye germs, and care involves eye drops.
Skin Problem: Examination includes wound cleaning, and care entails disinfection, stitching, and bandaging.

Allergies: Examination helps identify food allergies, and care involves administering medication.
Bee Attack: Examination requires beehive removal and treating bee stings.
Webs and Spiders: Examination focuses on removing spiders and webs, with care including disinfection and medication.
Butterfly Dust: Examination involves wiping away butterfly dust and care luring butterflies away with flowers.
Health Check-up: Comprehensive check-ups assess overall health, including eyes and ears.
Emergency: Engage in ambulance rescues for patients in unique situations.


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