Co — Star MOD APK (Fully Unlocked)

Co — Star
Co — Star

Co–Star Personalized Astrology is an app offering a highly customizable and social experience. It provides detailed information between individuals on the astrological charts, real-time updates tracking plenty of moments, and in-depth personality analysis. This latest app version uses NASA data interpreted by experts to create a Snapchat of the sky at your birth, known as your natural chart. This chart provides insights into your character traits, behavior, and emotional tendencies. This app has wide options for horoscopes and personalized notifications and gives complete information to users on their birth charts. This app is available on Android and IOS devices, offering a unique experience and approach to astrology.

Co–Star sees no bad zodiac signs, just complex interactions. It uses astrology to help users better understand themselves and their relationships, avoiding small talk. Using NASA data and human astrologers with AI creates personalized birth charts and daily horoscopes, offering a deeper understanding of astrology’s impact on our lives and connections.

Key features

  • Add friends for chart comparisons and compatibility insights.
  • Access personalized daily horoscopes.
  • Get daily notifications based on your horoscope.
  • Learn to interpret your complete birth chart.

Co-star premium

  • View the complete birth chart of someone without the app.
  • Receive a comprehensive, personalized report on your love life and its motivations.
  • For couples, access Eros, a feature offering guidance on daily relationship situations based on your zodiac compatibility.


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