CUSTOM CAST MOD APK (Unlimited Energy)


Custom cast is a mobile application that allows you to create your 3D characters. It offers various types of customization options, including styles, clothes, skin colour, hairstyle, and other accessories. Using its advanced tools, you can create 3D characters and dress up by changing their output and hairstyle. You can take screenshots of your customized 3D characters and make a very successful at them with cute characters and fans and share them on different social platforms.

Apart from creating characters, this game offers a perpetual streaming feature that enables you to start streaming to a virtual steamer using creature 3D characters. Using its tool, the camera will detect your face on your device, and you are 3D character will be best in your moments. Your characters respond to your movements, like tilting your head. You can use the gyro function to create immersive streams and have your character do specific poses with Flicks.

Create 3D characters

This game has anime characters, and the anime industry is growing day by day. This game also allows you to create your 3D anime character. This allows you to select any gender and body features, and you have full control over customization from hairstyles to clothing and facial features. This unique feature lets you create a distinctive character that sets you apart from others in the anime world.

Customize the parts

Custom Cast offers customization features for characters and allows you to choose the correct shape and fest type skin, clothes, hairstyles, shoes, and other accessories. You can pick any of the variety of styles like eyeglasses, hairstyles, sunglasses, and more. These choices help you to create a distinctive character that you can share on social media and use for streaming purposes. It’s personalised and shows the cost of your unique fashion creation.

wide selection of clothing and accessories

This app offers various clothes and accessories, and you can enjoy this time, like hats, shirts, pants, dresses, and many others. You can also enjoy different styles to mix and match to create a unique character.

Post on social media

This app allows you to take screenshots of your personalized 3D characters in different expressions and poses using the app tool and then share your creations on your social media profile. You can enhance screenshots by adding stickers and decorated frames. Flaunt the 3D models you’ve designed.

Virtual streaming

You can begin virtual streaming with your custom 3D character. You are the device that will track the facial moments as you are a 3D character that will mimic your actions, like tightening your head. During streaming, you can use Gyro Future to create a muscle stream and apply different character processes on video.


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