Define MOD + APK (Unlocked Difference)


Welcome to define APK, where you find different games with relaxing pictures and challenging puzzles. Due to its puzzle games, this app is popular among worldwide users. There are 5 different games available that relax the player’s mind. You will love this amazing world of challenging levels to start your adventure in a hidden world. The game has many great advantages. It will help you solve levels quickly without using any extra tools. There are a lot of easy and difficult levels for you to try and find the five objects in the picture. 

How to play the define puzzle game 

Once you download and install the game on your device, you can first select your game, compare it to images that look the same, and then zoom the level. Free hints are available to help you complete the level and then move to the next level. 

Key features 

5000+ levels in this 5 differences online game: This online game offers 5000 + levels where players must find 5 differences in each picture. It provides a wide range of content and challenges for users to enjoy and keeps them engaged for a long time. 

Daily Challenges & Bonus Levels: The game presents new challenges to complete, and the bonuses in each level to enjoy the game with additional content and rewards to keep you engaged and entertained daily. 

Zooming the picture: You can zoom in on the picture, making it appear bigger on your screen. This feature allows you to look at the details in the picture more carefully. 

Helpful Hints:  Feel free to use them to identify 10 differences: If you have trouble finding a difference, don’t worry; this app provides helpful hints and guidelines to easily identify all 10 differences in the picture. 

 Tons of high-quality pictures: A vast collection of high-quality pictures are available, and these pictures have high resolution and visually appealing experiences for the players. 

Unique pictures & daily puzzles: Explore a variety of unique pictures and puzzles daily. Sharpen your skills by exploring 5 differences in each picture, challenge yourself, play regularly, and boost your brain power. 

Win challenges – spot differences in daily levels:

  1. Easily test your skills and win daily challenges by finding differences in the picture.
  2. Test your observation and abilities as you find a difference between two similar images.
  3. Take participate in everyday challenges and enjoy the satisfaction of completing each level successfully. 

Why should you play this game? 

  • You can easily find the differences between images with the help of free hints. 
  • This game helps you to improve your memory and logic. 
  • You can get a new level every day. 
  •  You can win a challenge on a daily. 


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