Doujindesu APK for Android (Latest Version)


doujindesu is an anime games platform where you can explore different categories of anime games free of cost. Over 1 million animated videos and photos are available in their gallery, and you can download your favorite content with one click and can store it on your device. The application is popular in the Indonesian region, but with the support of 10+ languages, you can convert the content to your local language.

All types of Manga series are available in different categories, and you can live stream the content at high resolution. Three inbuilt players are available; you can view your favorite content in different sizes.

Key features

  • Application daily updated doujinshi for free.
  • You can enjoy the content in 10 + languages.
  • The app supports vPN to access the block content.
  • You can search for your favorite content through the advanced search option.
  • You can explore the content through categories.
  • The app has a simple user interface, and users easy to navigate to the feature.
  • The app has a vast collection of libraries from various categories, themes, and art styles.
  • The app provides customizable options, and users can easily adjust the font size, page layout background color according to their theme.
  • The app allows users to download and access the content without an Internet connection.
  • This app is safe and secure.


This app is one of the best manga collections with a wide range of animated series movies for reading or streaming. With its user-friendly enterprise customizable option and offline reading facility, this application is the best choice for users looking for self-publish Manga series.


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