Dragon Ball Assistir Online APK + MOD For Android

Dragon Ball Assistir Online APK + MOD For Android

Dragon Ball is the most popular anime series ever because of its big battles and memorable characters. Dragon Ball Assistir Online APK is the latest addition to the Dragon family. In this article, we discuss everything you need to know about the Dragon Ball, from downloading and installing it on your device to accessing your favorite episode and movies. 

What is the Dragon Ball Assistir Online APK?

It is the latest 2D fighting game where the user controls the best character from Dragon Ball and takes all control of its character by using touch screen Technology. Your main role that enjoys the 1v1 enemy Battle against friends or other players and wins against them gets the rewards and earns ranking. The app provides unlimited matches with a lot of fun to polish your skills. 

The story of Dragon Ball assistir online 

The story begins with the character Goku, who was born as a baby and is adopted by his grandfather, Gohan. Goku have wide range of abilities for battles. When Goku needs to search for 7 dragons. 

Both Gooku and Bulma join together and start their new journey to find the Dragon Balls, which help to face a wide range of enemies on their way and meet different characters, including Master Roshi, Krillin, Yamcha, and Tien, who become their license and Quest to become the strongest warriors in the universe.

Characters of Dragon Ball

This new edition has different characters and each character has it is own story, unique personality, abilities and memorable moments. The main character of the series is a pure-hearted, innocent, loyal warrior who always fights with others for a good purpose. Another famous game character is Vegeta, which is also dangerous to enemies. 

Collect dragon balls 

Different cards are available in battles and you can collect all the cards with Dragon Ball Assistir. These cards help you buy premium items against your opponent during the battle. 

Key features 

  • The game has original music. 
  • The game has different battles, including fun 1v1,3v3, and multiplayer battles. 
  • The game story is based on combat. 
  • You can invite your friends or family to join the game and play with each other. 
  • You can also play the game with the default player in the game. 
  • This game is completely free to use.


Dragon Ball assistir online is the latest addition to the Dragon Ball family. You can play a game full of adventure with engaging characters, an exciting storyline, and positive things that inspire and entertain players worldwide. The game has different characters with unique abilities.


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