Drop Flinko MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Drop Flinko
Drop Flinko

Drop Flinko is an action game that lets you drop balls onto a board with moving buckets. The game is free, and players engage in a fun and challenging experience. The game’s main objective is to time these Bal drops to maximize your score strategically. The classic Plinko board game inspires this game. You can download and install this app, play the game, and earn unlimited rewards.

Drop Flinko offers accessible gameplay but presents an awarding challenge. Players must release the ball precisely as they can bounce off the board’s edges unpredictably. The buckets are always around, so you must react quickly. As you play the game, you have different levels, and you can get coins when you unlock the ranks, but using the modified version, you can get unlimited cash to purchase new balls, and these help you to improve your chance of scoring and help you to Slowly down the balls are making the buckets bigger.

Game Concept

The game is best on the concept of gravity, a physical Plinko game found on TV game shows. To direct control over the ball once they are released instead of the relay and time and physics to guide the ball into scoring buckets.

Board Design

The board is assembled vertically with a series of slots and buckets. These buckets are positioned at various locations on the board, each assigning a different point value. Some buckets move vertically or horizontally, adding an extra layer of challenge to the gameplay.

Ball Drops

Players drop the ball by taping or clicking on the screen, causing a ball to be released from the starting point at the top of the board, and as the ball moves, it bounces off its way down, making its path unpredictable.


The moving buckets and the random nature of the ball’s path create challenges for players. They must SS the current position of the bucket and the Bal treasury to make informed decisions about when TO release each ball.

Key features

It’s simple and addictive gameplay.
Have multiple levels with increasing difficulty.
Different types of power UPS to help you score more.
Share your progress, compete with friends and family, and share on Leaderboards.
This game is free to play so that Clear can download, install, and enjoy its premium features.


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