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Evil Nun
Evil Nun

Evil Nun Outwitt Apk is a horror game that takes the game the world by storm. The game has gained widespread attention because of its thrilling gameplay and beautiful atmosphere. The game will busy you for a couple of hours. The game story will start at an abandoned School where and demonic nun resides.

The game is full of action, suspense, and adventure, where you can solve different puzzles collect clues, and outwit the evil nun to progress to the next level. With its graphics and sound, horror sound effects, it must play for horror enthusiasts, and everyone is looking for a horror and adventure game.


The game story starts with a player entering a horror home, walking on walls, and going to different rooms to explore clues to solve puzzles. After some time, horror characters will appear. Now you can’t walk through walls and apply other options to kill the horror characters to go further in the game.

The game offers various levels with its unit challenging and mysterious puzzles, and you navigate through dark corridors and traps and decipher cryptic messages. When you go to the different houses with different rooms, you can explore individually to solve the clues for the next level. You will face many horror characters that attack you on every level, so try to secure yourself from horror characters and collect the different items which will help you when you face horror characters. After solving the puzzles, you will be rewarded with additional items to help in the next level. At the end of the game, you will be rewarded by the king of the evil empire to rule in every way.

Features of Evil Nun Outwitt APK

The app has features that make it engaging and exciting for horror enthusiasts. And some of the notable features are.

Scary Atmosphere

The game is designed with a creepy environment with a dark theme and hallways, hidden horror rooms, and secret places, creating a sense of fear and tension.

Challenging Puzzles

Different challenges and puzzles bed for you at every level, and the apparent need to solve the various puzzles for further progress. When the user solves the puzzles, they will reward a different element, which helps it during critical thinking.


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