FitGift MOD APK (Unlocked Pro)


FitGift is a health and fitness game created by Play&Fun. It’s a lighthearted health management tool where you can track your daily habits and earn rewards from great stores. You don’t require any intense workout. You can walk daily, and regular hydration can help you stay fit. This app promotes achieving a healthy body with small, consistent habits, fostering self-belief in your fitness journey.

How can I earn rewards with FitGift?

To earn unrewards with this app, you can log your lifestyle habits and unfair awards from amazing stores. This app lets you record your daily routines, such as counting steps, drinking water, etc. You can choose rewards like PayPal cash, gift cards, and more.

Step Tracking

Monitor your daily steps, calories burned, and weight loss progress with FitGift. It counts steps using a built-in sensor without GPS, saving battery power.

Drinking Water Tracking

FitGift, using your body data, calculates your daily water needs. You can easily track and adjust your water intake for each drink by switching cups.

Professional Charts

This app gives you innovative report chart features available for your mobile device, making monitoring your health data easier.

Key features

Using this app, you can record your health behaviour.
The healthier you are, the more coins you earn.
This app offers professional report charts.
This offer to play with habit records.


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