FunLive – Global Live Streams

FunLive – Global Live Streams

FunLive is a live streaming app that makes meeting friends easier than ever! Download FunLive and try it now!

Feeling bored? In FunLive streaming, you can interact with all types of people. Choose your favorite live Star, say hi and send them a gift, to express your support. Get to know as many people as you want and don't forget to follow them, so you don't miss any of their live streams!
Do you feel like exploring the world, while at the same time not leaving the comfort of your own couch? FunLive streaming app offers you exactly that! Enter various live streams, chat with the Stars and the other users, and bond over favorite topics. Make friends from all over the world!
You can also try out our fantastic voice rooms. Invite friends over, play a game or just chat with each other as much as you want. Come to FunLive and create your own entertainment!

⭐️ Watch Live Streams
Are you curious what the rest of the world is talking about? Join FunLive's global live streams and find out! We have Stars from the United States, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Russia and much more! Watch streams at any hour of the day, for as long as you want – you will always find something you like.
⭐️ Exciting Battles
Try out FunLive's unique Battle feature! Come watch and enjoy as our best Stars battle it out. Select your favorite one and send them a little encouragement! What are you waiting for? Join now, be on the winning team and defeat your opponent!
⭐️ Voice Rooms
Want to try something other than the live streaming mode? We give you all the freedom to express yourself, without any need to show your face in our voice group rooms! Gather a few friends, choose a topic you all like and start chatting! Enjoy this private space for casual conversations with friends and other interesting people from all over the world. Chat with people on the Internet any time you want, or join as a listener – you decide here. Make room as yours!
⭐️ Simple Registration
Created with our users't experience in mind, FunLive is fun and easy to use! Join the stream, join the family!

Download FunLive now!


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