GlideX MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)


GlideX app created by ASC, ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. It’s a style app for screen sharing and control solutions for seamless interaction across devices and platforms. It allows you to control and access any screen from any location, supporting wired and wireless connections. This app has complete device management options and will enable you to use a single keyboard and mouse for all your devices.

Screen Mirror

Using this app, you can monitor your phone screen on your PC and utilise the Keyboard and mouse for navigation and text input; this app eliminates the need for phones. Virtual Keyboard not only enhances productivity but also provides a comfortable visual experience compared to the constraints of a small phone screen.

Screen Extend

You can transform your phone or Tablet into a portable secondary display for dual-screen convenience. This feature expands your workspace, making it very useful for tasks where you can compare documents or visuals. It makes multitasking more accessible, providing a smooth and efficient experience while you’re on the move.

Unify Control

Unify Control simplifies using a single mouse and Keyboard to control and transfer files between different devices, regardless of their operating systems. No more constant device switching is needed.

Key features

Using the PC-to-mobile feature, you can expand your Tablet or phone into a secondary display.
The mirror feature protects your mobile device screen for bigger screen space.
This app is compatible with different operating systems.
Support Wi-Fi and USB: You can connect mobile devices to your PC using Wi-Fi or USB cables.
GlideX for Windows: To use the GlideX mobile app on your mobile device, it must be used with the GlideX application installed on a Windows 10 or 11.


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