Granny 3 v1.1.3 MOD APK (Money, MOD Menu)

Granny 3 v1.1.3 MOD APK (Money, MOD Menu)

Granny: Chapter Two is the second part of the famous horror Quest game. The creator makes this game with an unusual mechanism. In this part, you will be locked in the house, and no one can hear you. A grandfather and grandmother will hunt you in this part, and the other man will listen to you when you leave the house. In the game, the story revolves around you. You have to protect yourself from your grandfather and grandmother and try to get out of the home.

What is Granny’s Chapter 2 APK?

This is the upgraded version with many new features and improved existing ones. The game had a new character, grandpa grandmother. The player lock in a house protects themselves from the couple by applying techniques to get back out of the house and always keep their eyes on the couple because they always try to catch you.


Granny Chapter 2 is a survival horror game from the first-person perspective. The game is set in a horror house filled with traps, monsters, and puzzles that players must solve to skip from the house, be crafty, and avoid being caught by Granny and her partner. The game is divided into five days; each has different challenges, and you must solve the puzzles to overcome the obstacles.


Grandma and Grandpa

In the game, you come with a couple of Grandma and Grandpa, and these two make a strong team. The grandpa will not hear clearly, but on the other hand, the granny’s ears are sharp and then listen to even low sounds. When you jump from the floor and move from one room to another, try to move slowly; otherwise, you will lose the game.

Practice Mode

The game has a practice mode for new players. They first floor all the ways and attempt the game in practice mode, and this Mod will help them easily escape the Attacks from their grandparents and become quickly familiar with the gameplay.


In the game, when you enter the house, you have different puzzles and access some gadgets to help you solve puzzles to escape from the home quickly. After completing five puzzles, you will be regarded as a new character and helicopter, which will help you to escape from the house.

Hidden Areas

Granny Chapter 2 Mod APK unlock the hidden areas within the camp that will not be accessible in the standard version player can explore the secret places, uncover hidden treasures, and explore mysterious clues to help them progress throughout the game.

Graphics and Sound Effects

The game has realistic visuals and Spooky sound effects that will keep you entertained and also, at the same time, make you horrified.

Escape Monster Attacks

You can choose any monster attack without trying to unlock the monster attacks and protect yourself from granny attacks.

Unlimited play

The mode version comes with an unlimited play feature. You can play and enjoy the game unlimitedly without any fear.

Monster Attacks

The game deal with all the Monster’s attack, but your primary task is only to deal with Granny and Grandpa. You can play the game without fearing Monster attacking using the modified features. They will not scare you.

Free Download

You can download the game free from our website, and all the Premium feature is only possible when you download and install the Mod version. Try the mod version if you experience a horror game with unlimited features.

No ads

The game has no advertisement, and you can explore the house and face the Monster without interruption during the gameplay.

Tips for Playing Granny Chapter 2 Mod APK

  • Always plan your moving and study the game’s layout, identify the potential dangers, and plan your moves accordingly.
  • Use your character’s abilities wisely because the game has a trap at every level, and they try to destroy you. Some player uses their character abilities to work on the challenges strategically.
  • The game comes full of action and helps you to uncover hidden secrets and unlock new rooms.
  • Manage your resources wisely and sensibly leave them to maximize your effectiveness.
  • The game allows players to save progress at a certain point, so take advantage and save your progress regularly at the beginning of the game and use it when needed.

Frequently asked question (FAQs)

How can I play god mode in Granny Chapter 2?

By downloading the mode position, you can access the menu bar, where you can upgrade the man you and find the option to play god mode.

Is Granny Chapter 2 scary?

Yes, it is made to be a horror game and can be quickly scary.

How many levels are in the granny chapter 2?

There are five levels, each level with its unique challenges and puzzles.

How do I escape from Granny’s house?

By solving puzzles and finding the items to unlock the doors and find out and avoid Granny and her partner, who will try to catch them and the game.

Can I play Granny Chapter 2 with friends?

This game is only available for single players.


If you want a horror game, try Granny Chapter 2, with challenging puzzles, jump scares, and a creepy atmosphere. You have to survive for only five days in the house and try to protect yourself from both and have to come out of the house. You can unlock the phone during these five days to overcome your survival. The only possible way to work on the challenges is to solve the puzzles and open new ones. We hope this guide is helpful to you when you play the granny chapter 2 game.


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