Gunstars 1.2.23 APK + MOD (Unlimited ammo/No reload)


If you want to experience the battle with a new style, gun star APK is the best choice to provide fully upgraded features that help you during battle. Choose the correct costumes and participate in the gun battle filling down your enemies’ in unlimited time and taking the weapons and guns from the enemy. You can also change and customize the characters and weapons features.

This is a multiplayer Battle Royale game made for Android and IOS devices. The players who play the game solo or invite friends to get a live Epic experience within the battle Arena of the gun star universe.

The game has an innovative gameplay experience that allows users to explore the new sales and net bank strategies and fight with 36 players to survive battles. After winning the battle, the player will join the fantastic NFT team of favorite creators and friends and share it with their friends.

What is Gunstars APK?

Monomyth Game Studio develops this app with advanced blockchain Technologies using Solana, provides a lot of initiative content, exclusively collectibles, and provides more chances to play the more game level with more fun.

Game mode

Currently, the game provides only two modes: enemies Trio and Deathmatch. In Trio mode, the players make their team with two more friends by inviting them or selecting random players and making the best strategies to defeat the other teams. On the other hand, Deathmatch mode makes strategies to Eliminate as many enemies as possible and reach their highest score in the matches to win the game easily.

For everything single match, you will reward to earn rewards.

Apart from fun and entertainment, Gunstars offers to explain to you real money by purchasing NFT items; try to take your skills to the next level to unlock the new item easily. You have all options to make decisions about your purchase.

Easy-to-understand controls

The game is built in a simple style of crime Patrol and Gangster expectations. , you will get the simple button to control a virtual wheel and attack, change weapons, and more, and this will experience players to get quickly Unlock the items in a short time.

Access to battle pass

The game’s first season comes with a battle pass, and users can access the Battle pass and season-exclusive NFT boxes of their characters.

Latest updates

The app continuously releases new updates and news related to them and adds more characters in arenas and game mode in the latest version, which increases the gameplay.

Play with everyone

The app offers users single and multiple-player game modes; players can play the game by inviting their friends through the link and playing one-on-one matches. Once the player wins the game, there will be regarded with the friend NFT, premium skin, and heroes and have a chance to match with 36 players.

More than 100 customizable skin

The app offers a lot of skins for different heroes, and the player selects any of the heroes and then chooses a skin to customize them according to their need and quickly changes skin color, style, and more.

Key features

  • Customizable characters are available with connectible NFTs.
  • Play solo or invite your friends.
  • The game has new themes: arenas, forests, ice, and desert.
  • Every season is available with a Limited reward.
  • The player can play the game with up to 36 players simultaneously.
  • If you have good aim, you can easily play the game.
  • More than hundreds of levels are available, and users can choose any.
  • Some types of weapons, including gun pistols, rifles, submachine guns, and even sniper rifless are available. The player chooses any of them to maximize their gameplay during battle.


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