Highster Mobile APK MOD (Pro Version)

Highster Mobile APK
Highster Mobile APK

Highster Mobile APK is a monitoring app that allows users to keep their eyes on someone’s mobile activities without knowing them; this article explores different features that help users to monitor there kids’ loved ones or even employee devices without them knowing about it.

The app is specially designed to monitor someone’s mobile device activities. It monitors text messages, calls, logs browsing history, GPS location, and social media, and much more application doesn’t need any jailbreaking or not require any devices to install this app. The app has a free and paid version. If you use the bad version, you must pay $69.99 for 1 year for its premium features.

How to use highster mobile apk?

First, you can install this app on your device but make sure this app needs the requirements of your phone. Once you set up this app target device, then this will work in the background and cannot be seen by another one using phone. You can access a PC Tablet or another smartphone to view the target phone’s call logs, text messages, GPS location, and documents. You can also monitor all its activities on glass and download its photos and call logs.

Features of Highster Mobile APK

This tool provides a wide range of features that monitor and track someone’s device activities; some notable features include

Text Message Monitoring: you can monitor all device text messages, including their sent, received, and deleted messages. You have complete access to contact information along with timestamps.

Call Monitoring: By using this feature, you can monitor coming and outgoing calls, and you have access logs with all the details,

Social Media Monitoring: you can monitor the target device activities on social platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram WhatsApp.

Multimedia Monitoring: This app allows you to access all the multimedia contact, including videos, photos, and stored files on the monitor panel.

Key Features

You can restore the target device’s deleted content.
you can monitor the target device, social media, emails, text messages, call logs, and much more.
You can install it on both Android and IOS devices.
You can use the remote camera activation feature to access the camera remotely images, and different directions.
You can review the browsing history of the target device.
You can check the real-time location of the target device using GPS technology.
You can access all the content of the target device through Live Control Panel.


This is a valuable app where you can monitor and track the activities of your target device and access the device’s different activities, including calls and messages logs, access photos, and browsing history. The tool is best for parents to track their child’s activities, and even you can use it in the office to track and monitor employee activities. This tool is compatible with almost all Android devices; you don’t need to root your device for installation.

Frequently asked questions

Is the app detectable on the target device?

This application operates in stealth mode and makes it and target device.

How can I access the monitored data?

You can log in to your Highster Mobile account from the web to monitor and access the data.

Can I install the app remotely?

No, physical access to the target device is required for installation.

Is the app compatible with iOS devices?

This application is limited compatibility with iOS devices.


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