Honey Select 2 MOD APK (Unlocked)

Honey Select 2
Honey Select 2

Honey select 2 apk is developed by Illusion, a Japanese games studio. The creator is popular for its high-quality interactive designs. The game allows players to customize their characters and engage the characters in different activity options, including changing body shapes, costumes, and more.

The game is popular among worldwide players, and can easily be install on almost all Android devices, and it requires only 23 MB of space for installation. The meain story of this game is to finds different places and explores different locations to make new friends. You can invite your friends to play the game with them. By utilizing different tools, you can customize and recreate the characters.


The story starts with a character name Sarai who always finds you places and makes new friends and beautiful moments with them. At start of the game, you have different nations, and you can participate individually to become yourself and talk in the game. The game has beautiful mini-games with various actions; you can choose your favorite game.

Features of Honey Select 2

Extensive Customization: In the game, you have different character levels, allowing you to customize the characters to create a unique task with different features and attributes.

VR Support: The app supports virtual reality devices; you can experience the game on virtual devices.

High-Definition Graphics: The game has amazing 3D graphics, and every feature is clean and understandable; you enjoy the game, and it looks like you are playing it in the Real world.

Expansive Content: The app allows you to access different location items and unlimited gameplay and entertainment.

Scenarios and Storylines: The game has diverse scenarios and storylines. The app has different options, including romance, adventure, and any other you can enjoy all the scenarios in one place.


Honey Select 2 is an adventure game popular in Japan and launched by Illusion. In this game, you can make new friends and share your moments with them. You have the option to customize your characters and create your characters and change their clothing accessories. Whether you are a pro player or a new player, you can easily control its feature to customize it according to your need.


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