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Instagram Rocket
Instagram Rocket

Instagram is now one of the trending app worldwide because of its unique features such as igtv video filters, reels, and more today we will discuss Instagram Rocket APK because this app has all the free and premium features of Instagram, and you can use all the features for free.

ItMajd Alfhaily created this application which enhances the features of Instagram, like downloading videos and photos, copying the Instagram feeds, downloading IG TV videos and stories real, disabling messages changing the post layout, and many more features not offered by the original Instagram app. Using this version you can easily download multiple videos photos Instagram reels in one click. Download the application now and use all the features for free.


Don’t Follow Me Back: This feature allows you to enable the don’t follow button, then no one can follow back. By default, this feature is disabled, and if you want to use this feature, you can enable the feature.

Mutual followers: This app comes with mutual followers button where you can see people follow you, and follow you back. You can check all the profiles without any limitations.

Follow Back: When you enable this option, then if someone follows your account, the notification will pop up to follow back the account.

People not following you: By using this feature, you can see the list of people who do not follow you back and easily filter out the profile. Do not follow back, you can remove them from your following list.

Recent Unfollowers: There is a section where you can see how many peoples unfollowed you. You can see the reports daily, weekly, and monthly basis. You can also see the follower’s profile.

Hide Sponsored Ads: This app hides apps from your feeds, and you can enjoy using your account without showing any annoying ads.

Change Feed Layout To Grid:

By default, Instagram offers a simple layout, but if you want to change the view layout to a grid, this application allows you to change the design of your feed.

View Someone Stories: You can view any Instagram profile stories without knowing about other profiles.

Download Videos And Photos From Stories: And the original app, you cannot download videos, images, or stories, but by using this application, you can easily download any profile videos, images, are stories and store them on your device.

Disable Screen Shot Notification: No one can take screenshots of your messages or can save Images in your profile profile once you turn off the screenshot feature. When someone takes a screenshot, you will receive a notification.

Copy The Caption Of Anyone Post: You can copy any Instagram post captions at one click and use it on your feed or share on any other social platform.

Seen Direct Message: If you want to send a direct message to other profiles on Instagram without notifying them, then this application allows you to send a message to anyone without showing your profile. Once you send the message, the receiver can’t view your profile.

Multiple accounts: The app allows users to use more than one account, and you can switch to another account with one click. This feature is only available on Instagram Rocket. The original app does not offer this feature.

Additional features of Instagram Rocket IPA

You can follow anyone’s post.
Easy verification and registration process for activation of the new account.
You can share up to 1 minute of stories on your profile.
You can mention everyone on your post who followed you.
This application allows you to tag your friend you are followers with your post.
You can download the stories with one click.
You can use this application on your laptop. You need to scan the QR code of your account and then use it on the laptop.
Using its translate feature, you can translate comments, posts, and even messages in different languages.
You can save your favorite posts, including images and videos, into your gallery.
You can share emojis stickers in the comments.
You can hide useless posts from your feed.
You can see any profile’s stories instead of the last 24 hours.
You can view anyone’s profile photos and full size.


This is the enhanced version of Instagram, where you can download videos and photos and see anyone’s story anonymously. You can copy someone’s captions and use them on your feed. No one can take screenshots of your profile messages because of this application. All these features are available for those who want to change the look and feel after the original Instagram App, so download and install now that application from our website to use the premium features for free. If you have any questions about this application, you can comment below. We will solve your query as soon as possible thank you so much for visiting our website.


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