Download King of Kinks MOD APK v3.6 (Unlimited Money)

King of Kinks
King of Kinks

King Of Kinks Mod APK is an action strategy game where players can make their squad and fight against Enemies to defeat them and use powerful characters and weapons to destroy the enemies. The whole story revolves around a Kingdom where the player can create their kingdom and be strong to defeat the Other Enemies and protect their kingdom from them. 

What is King of Kinks Mod APK?

This app is an action-packed mobile game that takes you on the journey to becoming the king of your kingdom. You must build your Castle, collect resources, and recruit powerful heroes to help you in your kingdom. This application is designed and developed by NEXTERS, a company famous for action-packed games. 


The game starts with the character Olivia, and you have to first select the Level and then start fighting with aIl players. When you defeat them, you will be rewarded with coins money, upgrade your characters and buy more characters with many customizations. The game has different levels, and each has a story and obstacles. When you pass the levels, you will be rewarded. After completing 50 levels, you can create your kingdom and a bigher army to protect your kingdom from enemies. 

Once you create your kingdom, you can easily unlock 50 + girls and add them to your Army. It protects your kingdom from others. This game is most popular because of its action gameplay and amazing features and graphics.

Features of King of Kinks Mod APK

This game has action-packed features and is the best choice for those looking for an exciting experience. Here are some features you can expect to find in the game. 

Build and Upgrade Your Castle 

The game allows you to build and upgrade your Castle, strengthening it. You will collect resources and build different structures to enhance your Castle’s defense and increase your resources. 

Recruit Powerful Heroes

The app allows you to recreate powerful heroes that help you during the war with enemies and make themselves king of different kingdoms. You can choose any of your heroes, and all the heroes have their unique abilities and strength. 

Engage in Strategic Battles

The game involves engaging in strategic battles with other players. You will make a strategy with your heroes to defeat your opponents. 


The players cannot always fight with others. Sometimes they need to fight against their enemies, and these enemies are available on different levels. And each gives you an idea of how strong your enemies are and helps you make strategies to win again against enemies. 


The game has different levels, but the most popular are Level Uр Gоddesses Аnd”, “Endless Levels,” Vigo Level, and Chel level. All the levels are free to play, and you will be rewarded when you pass from one Level to the next by completing several tasks like jumping, running, and sliding. 

Exciting game mods 

The game provides exciting modes: single-player mode, multiple-player modes, and single-player mod. You can simply select your character and play with the machine. On the other hand, online multiplayer game Mods are where you invite your friends and family members and compete against them. 

Unlimited Money 

This app provides unlimited money when you participate in the battle, and there are powerful heroes you can unlock using this money. When you install the game, the popup will offer unlimited money, and you can collect them to purchase anything in the store. 

Multiple activities 

The game has a wide range of activities you include in creating heroes, customized characters, and more. 

Free to play 

This game is free to play, and you can make your kingdom. We create your heroes; you don’t have to pay anything to use these features. 

Frequently asked questions 

Is the King of Kinks Mod APK safe to download?

This game is safe to download, but download it from a trusted source to avoid issues. 

Is the King of Kinks Mod APK suitable for children? 

No, this game is not suitable for children. 

Do I need to pay anything to download the King of Kinks Mod APK? 

No, this game is free to download and play. 

Can I play the game offline? 

No, you cannot play the game offline. You required an internet connection to play. 


King of Kinks Mod APK is a thrilling game app that offers an amazing experience for those who enjoy action and strategy games with its engaging gameplay and exciting features that busy players for a couple of hours. The game is free to download and play, so why? download now, APK? Start your journey to creating a kingdom and become the ultimate king.


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