Lisa AI Generator Avatar Maker MOD APK (Premium Free)

Lisa AI
Lisa AI

Lisa AI Generator Avatar Maker is an AI photography app developed by a Convert Software team. This app uses artificial intelligence to create avatars. Users can upload photos and pictures in different styles to create Avatars and choose an AI style to generate avatars. You can also choose a video style to give a human touch to your video. Using the modified version, you can turn images and all videos into amazing animations, create text-to-image descriptions, and change friends into superheroes using an image-to-image feature. You can shape videos, animations, and images with AI creative touch using this app. If you are looking for a photography app, this app is the best choice. Downloading and installing the app will be available on Android and iOS devices. 


The new feature of this app converts your original videos to AI with new styles, so you can choose the style of your favorite video and give it a whole new look with AI. Imagine dancing like a marble statue or singing near a medieval castle. 


Create captivating videos that have the potential to become a popular social platform. Take your images and videos and use special processes to turn them into stunning animations that catch people’s attention and stand out online. This unique transformation can help your content become more engaging and shareable and increase the chances of going viral and reaching a global audience on social networks. 

Generate avatars 

Using its latest AI technology feature to generate remarkable avatars effortlessly. Upload your image, select your preferred style, and let Lisa wave her enchantment. You can transform into a heroic figure or journey to be a star as an astronaut, exploring numerous styles. All settings are in your hand using this tool, and you can shape your avatar’s Unique Identity. 


This app’s popular feature is creating beautiful art images based on your text description. Once you give the input a few clicks, turn your imagination into stunning images. 

Key Features 

  • Using this app, you can create your AI Avatar. 
  • You can convert your words into an AI art. 
  • You can describe the image you want; this app generates different ideas based on your input. 
  • Dozens of styles are available. You can choose any of them for the image-to-image style. 
  • Share your unique art and social platform. 
  • You can take ideas for artwork within the app. 
  • This app has built-in dozens of hairstyles for images. 
  • Using the modified version, you can generate unlimited text to pictures and all the text picture filters. 
  • All the advertisements are removed when you create avatars. 
  • All the premium updates, video-to-video, and Avatar creation are unlocked. 
  • You can get unlimited credits. 


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