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lost life apk
lost life apk

You came to the right place if you want an adventure, thrilling, and simulation game. This article discusses the lost life apk and explores its Origins, Gameplay mechanism, and much more. This game’s main story revolves around a schoolgirl’s scary life. You can easily control the characters and perform different activities and enjoy the amazing graphics and interesting stories that will keep you engaged for a couple of hours.

In the game, you will see horror and crime on different levels. You can solve puzzles and each level, and at the end of the level, you will be rewarded with money and gifts.

How to Play

The game starts with the character, and your first task is to create a character and customize its appeared ness, abilities, and background story. Once your character is ready, then enter the game world. The gameplay mechanism is interesting, with environment-solving puzzles, engaging in combat, and making decisions that can alter the storyline. The game has different levels, and characters participate in each level to solve puzzles to remove the hurdles on their way.

Key Features

Gameplay and Storyline: The game have an amazing storyline. The players move to a dangerous and mysterious world. During gameplay, you must navigate various challenges, complete missions, and uncover the secret places.

Graphics and Visuals: Stunning visuals and graphics that hand the gaming experience. The detailed environmental character designs and animation create a gaming atmosphere that draws players into the game world.

Game Modes and Challenges: The game has different modes and challenges to keep players engaged. The game has boss battles and survival challenges that test your skills and strategies.

Customization Options: The game offers personalization options and a wide range of customization options to customize the character’s appearance and upgrade their abilities and skills. The customization options help users to make their characters in their style.

Record the game: Using its recorder feature, you can record your gameplay. The recorder feature hides the icon’s health bar, keys, and dashboard from regard and only records your gameplay.

Buy Gifts: You can buy gifts like clothes, food, and other outfits to impress the girls. You can spend money to get the accessories in this game, but if you use the modified version, all the gifts and accessories are unlocked.

Excellent Dating Approaches: The game has a dark-world mode to allow users to enjoy quality time with girls using its dating slot feature. There are many things to impress your flowers that will help enhance the fun time of the related game. You can buy different gifts, dresses luxury items for girls to impress them.

Collaborate with Other Players: The multiplayer game allows you to make a team with other players and participate in different adventures. You can join with friends or other online games to participate in challenges to defeat other players.

No ads: When you use the Mod version, you will experience all the heads being removed from the app, and you can play the game without showing annoying ads.

Amazing touch controls: This game’s touch controls his effortlessly, and the players can navigate to the tabs easily because of its simple user interface.

Change the screen size: The app allows users to play the game on different screens and also allows them to change the horizontal view to vertical; users have complete access to all settings to change the different aspect ratios of the screen.


This comprehensive guide discusses the Lost Life app and provides a complete overview to enhance your gaming experience. So if you are looking for a horror-specified simulation game, this application is the best choice for you because the app has a wide range of thrilling and adventure challenges and puzzles that make the Players for a long time. The game is of different game modes, ex, single-play or multiplayer mod, and you can play the game with other characters and make a team to defeat opponents. You can easily explore every corner of the world, solving puzzles calibrated with other players and uncovering the head and secrets on your way to outrank other players to unlock the ultimate gaming experience. So if you like the horror game, I will meet you to download, install, and enjoy the game. Play if you have any questions in your mind, you can comment below.

What’s new in the latest version

  • Fixed speed and experience bugs.
  • Added 15 new characters.
  • Remove all the ads when creating the character.
  • Added dynamic Combat System.
  • Added 10 horror simulations.
  • Added rewards for new and old players.
  • Fixed sound quality issue.
  • Added new Outfits for all characters.
  • Added different languages like Russian, Indonesian, English, and more.
  • Added Story modes.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is this game available for iOS devices?

This application is only available for Android devices.

Can I play the game offline?

No, you require a stable internet connection to access the game and enjoy all of its features.

Can I play this game on my PC?

This is available only for mobile devices, but if you use it on a PC, you require an emulator to install it on your PC and play the game.


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