MegaNovel MOD APK (Unlocked Everything)


MegaNovel is a book and reference application developed by GoodNovel. This app offers a wide range of web novels, fiction, and stories waiting for you. You can explore these stories for free without any charges. Just download the modified version and enjoy unlimited novels and stories.

Different types of stories are available, like fantasy, Romance thriller, and more, and you can get Meganovel up on your Android and IOS devices from Google Play and App Store. You can share your interest with readers through the Mega Novel Facebook community.

Trending Books on MegaNovel

“The Amazing Son-in-Law” – The Charismatic Charlie Wade by Lord Leaf
“The Ultimate Husband” by Skykissing Wolf
“A Billionaire In Disguise” by Rever
“Leading My Family to Glory” by Stay-at-home Scholar
“Blood Wolf” by MadRain
“The Transcendent Zombie System” by A Hundred Battles In Green Armor
“Life as a Servant” by TheCrow
“Kingsman Return” by Kuraii
“Re; Hell Gate” by TheCrow

Popular Book Genres

Here are different genres you can find:


Key Features

You have the option to choose male or female novels and customize you are reading preferences.
You can Discover a wide range of new urban fantasy and more novels.
You can read the novels anytime and anywhere.
You can explore various genres of novels based on your interest.
It is the top played farm with various book categories, including fantasy, Romance thrilling systems, and action and adventure.
It gathers original stories from talented authors from all over the world.
Bring together story lovers worldwide and share your passion with fellow readers and writers.
The expert editorial team assists and crafting the next major novel success.
Get the app now and bring it written immediately until a story that has never been seen.
You can read the novels and other content online as well.
Experience writers and authors get huge and exciting rewards.
You can access all the premium novels for free.


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