Monkey MOD APK v7.12.0 (Unlimited Bananas/Coins)

monkey mod apk
monkey mod apk

Monkey is a social chatting application where you meet new people and make friends online. Five friends in LA create this application. This app provides up late from to all users to make new friends all over the world wide used application. To meet with new friends worldwide, you will collect different star cards and bananas, redeem them, and get an exclusive feature.


This app has some exciting features that make this app different from other social apps, so here are some exciting features.

Customizable Profiles: This app provides an upper personalization option for users to make their customizable profiles and where you can change your profile image description bio and special options to set a profile song that auto-places when someone sees your profile card.

Playing with cards: The app shows the user profile in cards so you can explore different cards by swapping cards and adding new friends. The special feature star emoji is introduced within the app if you like someone’s card.

Conversation with favorite celebrities: In this app, you can chat with your favorite celebrities and share your moments with your friends.

Video Chat: The video call feature allows users to interact with like-minded people from all over the world and engage with them to spend time with each other.

Post a Moment: Once you create your account, you can share your daily activity by posting short videos or texts and sharing them with your fans and family members.

Text Chat feature: This feature is commonly used in all social apps, but this app I love you to be a to new friends without adding them to your friend list.

Group chat: You can start chatting with your friends because the app support multiple group chat option, where you can communicate with your friends within the group and share your video images without any limitations.

Redeem Merch: This app offers unique bonuses, provides bananas, and redeems unique merch, which helps users buy the premium features within the app.

View match history: Once you register yourself, you will see all the previous history of your conversation with others, and you can also access the match history.

Free tokens: When you interact with others, you can collect a free token to remove the ads when you watch a short video.

Compatible with all browsers: At the start, this app was not probably working on all browsers, but now it’s compatible and running smoothly with all Browsers when you use this app on your PC.

What’s new

The app introduces new subscription options to get free bonuses and points.
Improve the currency system.
Improve your match experience.
Improved 2P check option.
Added up to 16 people to start chatting within the group.
Added watch AdS option to get free coins.
Added 24 new countries.
Premium resources and star emojis are free for all users.
Added free token.
Fixed video call interface.
Fixed the compatibility issues with all browsers.
Fixed “A system issue occured”.

Final words

Its famous social chatting application allows users to make new friends worldwide and share their posts. You can make new plans and start chatting in DM, or you can use that two P chat option to make group calls to each other. You can personalize your profile and change its look and feel. This application is popular and most used in the United States, Canada, and Australia. I hope you enjoy this article if you have questions about this app. Thank you so much for visiting our website.


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