My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend APK Mod (Premium Unlocked)

My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend MOD APK
My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend MOD APK

In today’s world AI is becoming more powerful and the idea of dystopian robot girlfriends apk are the same concept. This is a novel aimed adults with several different storylines. It allows players to choose the right way and take a meaningful advantage. It ensures you will move in the right direction because sometimes choices may prevent you from taking a specific route.

What My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend MOD APK?

This dating simulator game allows users to interact with a robotic girlfriend. The app is set in a dystopian future we are rewarded in every place in human relationships Who finds a solace robot girlfriend.


The storyline of this game is fantastic. You will be part of Anon, a young man who lives in an old slum, and there is no way to take this person away from this place. You will pick a box left by an army truck and from that point, your story with a start.

You will find stunning shoes in the box where you can easily Tekken the hurdles which you first and you will also have a different item that you used and turn your life from slums to city. You will experience a lot of rules about the game and you will play the game differently.

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Features of My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend MOD APK

Unlocked features

The Mod APK comes with all the features of the original app and unlocks premium features, allowing users to experience the app without any restrictions.

Enhance interaction

With the help of Advanced Technology, the robot girlfriend can interact with users in human Manor and make the experience and judge the different users.

Improve graphic

The Mod APK has improved graphics, making it visually stunning and more engaging.


Robot girlfriends, by choosing different dresses, hairstyles, outfits and accessories, beautifully make a robot build a strong connection between reward and user.

New storyline

The Mod APK comes in the new storylion and scenario. The users can explore different varieties of environments.


This application is compatible with almost all Android devices and makes it easier for all users.

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Why Choose My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend MOD APK Over the Original App?

In AI Technology, this game takes things to the next level with unlocked features interaction and improved graphics with the new storyline, which makes this application different from others.

Game by choice theme

This is the theme game. Each of your choices will affect your game. Play the game provide players with different options and you will be one to decide the outcome you want. Only choose those themes you wish to use.

Customize Your Bot

The best feature of the app is that you can customize her robot and change colours and body shape and dresses give a fantastic touch which makes it different from other bots.

Many mini-games

The game is integrated with different mini-games and you will play puzzle strategies and quizzes fun to enhance your dystopian robot girlfriend mod game.

Flexible animations

The game has smooth, beautiful, and flexible animation, which helps you to enjoy the gaming environment.

Customizable clothing

This application allows users to customize their costumes. There are 50 + clothing brands with new designs, colours, and styles available and you can choose any of them for your robot character.

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How to Download My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend Mod Apk

This application is unavailable on Google Play Store and must be downloaded from third-party sources. Here is the steps to download and install the game.

  • Enable installation of unknown resources in a security settings of your device.
  • Download the app from a trusted website.
  • open the downloaded file and complete the instruction to install it on your device..

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the app free to download?

The app is free to download, but it includes app purchases.

Can I play the app offline?

No, app requires an internet connection to play.

Is the app appropriate for all ages?

This application is recommended for the mature audience because of suggestive themes and language.

Is My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend Mod Apk Safe?

This application is not available on all Google Play stores, but if you download it from a trusted website, you can use the application free of cost.


My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend MOD APK is a free role-playing application where the users can make a relationship with female robot and interact with as a human. The app allows unlocking features to improve graphics and customize the new design and new colours to provide a more engaging experience for users. Download now the modified version and start designing a new robot.


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