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My Mammott MOD APK
My Mammott MOD APK

My Mammott is an Android game where you have a singing Monster as your company, and this creature mimics your world and learns tricks to amuse you. Using this app, you can unlock animation and worlds for your monsters and bring them into reality through Augmented Reality. This game offers multiple mini-games, engaging activities, and hilarious monsters. You can download this app on Android and ios devices, so if you want to use the modified version to unlock the premium features, download Step from our website and enjoy the free resources. 


This game offers an enjoyable gameplay experience through tapping, swiping, or speaking in the truck with your virtual Monsters. Activities include feeding, dressing, and planning with your creature. Teaching tricks involves repeating words. You can play the mini-games with your Monsters, like Memory Match, Whack-A-Mole, and Simon Says. While playing games, you can earn coins by completing the task and unlocking your Monster’s items and outfits. You can explore different worlds with your Monsters, such as Forest, the Desert, or the Arctic. You can use the device camera to see your Monster and the Real-world and take pictures. 

Key Features 

You can communicate with Mammott, and Eco will back your words in a fun monster-like voice. 

Tap his head, belly, back, or feet. 

Ability to learn various streaks for your Monster by repeating words or phrases. 

Engage in entertaining mini-games with your monster-earning coins. 

Discover different words with your Monster and visualize them through Augmented Reality. 

You can personalize your Monster’s appearance, including clothing and new items. 

Record the best moments with Monster and share videos on YouTube. 

Collect others singing Monsters from my singing monster games. 

Give your Monster food, take care of it, and ensure it stays happy and healthy. 

Tap and shake your Monster to see how it reacts.


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