MyCard APK + MOD (Unlocked Version)

My Card APK
My Card APK

My Card APK is a mobile application that allows users to manage payment and financial transactions quickly and securely. This app has a wide range of financial tool cards that help users efficiently transact and benefit from using this application to manage their Finances.

It’s an NFC mobile payment app where you can save your Card and track your data when you purchase any item, and the card readers use their mobile phones efficiently. The app also provides a facility to add your Card using a magnetic strip reader and then paste the data into your transaction. Store up to 20 cards on your phone and use any of them when needed. All the information and transaction history are secured, and the app does not share your personal with others.

Read your Card with the mini reader.

The Mini card reader is available in the app, and you can scan your Card with the mini reader. All the information on your Card will display within the app. This app lets you easily purchase anything, shop everywhere, and pay. Only $5 to get this Mini reader on your device.

Save up to 20 cards

The app has a section Of “My Card,” allowing users to store up to 20 cards. The user uses any of them and purchases anything. To add a card, click on my Perception Icon in the right corner under the app. Click on it, then store your Card, which you can use when needed.

Secure card protection

The app has a password-protected section, where the user selects any cards and then sets a password for anyone. This help users protect their Card from others when someone accesses them. And another option you can reset all the data and settings to unlock all the passwords.

Key features

  • It’s a simple and quick registration process that allows to create an account with just a few taps on their mobile device.
  • The app uses advanced encryption technology to protect user information and data from unauthorized access.
  • The app supports payment options, including Credit cards, Debit cards, and bank transfers, which help users make their transactions quickly.
  • You can use track2 magnetic strip data for the USB reader.
  • With a low internet connection, you can manage your Finances anywhere, anytime.
  • Easily monitor and track your transaction history, which will help you organize your expense efficiently.
  • You can use this application on Android 4.4 or higher version.
  • The app support on rooted or nonrooted devices.
  • Automatic update of all the data
  • Secure Anti-QR
  • Saving data offline
  • Send and print all the transaction history


My Card APK is a user-friendly mobile application that allows payments and transactions to help you quickly manage your Finances app house registration process. You can set multiple cards, scan the Card and paste it anywhere, and edit the Card, so if you want to use to manage your Finances easily, try out this application that offers advanced features.


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