MyFreeZoo MOD APK (Unlimited MOney)


MyFreeZoo Mobile is a simulation game with over 5 million uses from worldwide and you can download this app from Google Play app store. And this game you can build your own zoo and take care of your animals like aardvarks, zebras, kangaroos, and koalas. This game is the combination of animation with cartoon styles and you can make your own zoo by designing animals. You can participate and different events and when cool prices. If you are new in the game first watch the tutorial to get help and then create and manage your own awesome zoo. 

Create your own ZOO 

Using this application you can create your own zoo and customise it according to your need. Take care of different animals and make sure your zoo become amazing over time. Download and install now the app and your dreams is waiting for you to create and grow it. 

Participate in events 

Attract your visitor to your zoo and win rewards through events in MyFreeZoo Mobile. This game have diverse quests that keep you entertain while tending to visitors, animals, and decorating with flowers. 

Key Features 

  • You can find all the shorts of animals in the game from regular once to rare and exotic ones. 
  • The game has fun animation pictures that everyone will enjoy. 
  • You can join different event and special prices that will make you a zoo look even cooler than before. 
  • You can get a more animals for your zoo for exciting story. 
  • With its beautiful game environmental game provides hours of enjoyable entertainment that will keep you engage for long time. 
  • This app releases regular updates edition and events. 
  • You have option customise your zoo with new and existing items. 
  • Using this game player can connect with other players from all over the world. 
  • You can play this game online or without internet connection. 
  • Players can breathe animal to create new species and expand there zoo collection. 
  • In the modified version you can get money to buy more animals. 
  • Modified version you can unlock many zoo. 
  • this game can you can make yourself as a zoo director and manage and set up animal parks on the map so download now and turn your zoo into customer magnet. 


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