NaturalReader MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)


NaturalReader is a mobile app that can read various types of text, such as PDF online articles, cloud documents, and even images captured by your camera. This App has 40+ AI-powered voices and more than 25 languages. This App has 1 million-plus users worldwide. It is a trusted text-to-speech app that offers innovative features like converting text to downloadable MP3 files, OCR text recognition for PDFs, and a camera scanner.


This App helps you be productive on your device, like listening to a podcast or audiobook. You can complete reading in bed, during your communication, or while walking around campus by listening on the go. You can create more time for the things you love.

This App is simple and easy to use. You can pick the type of document you want to upload and choose the file you want to hear, and you can start listening immediately. To improve listening, select a favorite speaker’s voice and the speed that suit you best for the most enjoyable experience.

Scan documents with your camera

Turn physical books and notes into audio with your mobile camera. You can convert any physical tax into audio that reads aloud to you. You can take pictures of the pages, upload them, and start listening.

Realistic and Genuine vocal expressions.

You can access 130 AI-powered voices in 20 languages, including advanced plus voices that sound like humans. The plus voices are part of the premium subscription of realistic and fleet text-to-speech with human-like patterns and intonation.

AI filters text content intelligently.

The AI text filter can remove distracting content like URLs and tax within brackets. The advanced AI Technology detects and ignores these types of text and helps you stay focused by reducing distractions.

Customizable Experience

This App provides a natural listening experience. You can select your preferred speaker voice and read the speed for the best experience. Customize the with dark mode highlight caption and advanced pronunciation editor for new and unusual words.

Cross-Device Compatibility

This App is compatible with mobile apps, online readers, and Chrome extensions. If you run out the time, you can effortlessly continue listening from your desktop computer to your mobile device.

Supported Formats

  • PDF
  • MS Word (.doc & .docx)
  • MS Powerpoint
  • Mac documents
  • RTF
  • TXT
  • DRM-free EPUB eBooks
  • Image files (png, jpg…)


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