NETV Gold APK Latest Version v9.8 For Android 2023


Today’s world has different streaming platforms that provide you with a lot of content, but some of them are premium and you have to pay for them. So that’s why today we share NetV Gold v5 APK, where you can get all the streaming content in one place. Download now and explore the best streaming services. 

What is NetV Gold? 

NetV Gold is the best streaming service and is the most famous in Turkey. That offers a variety of TV shows, movies, and entertainment options. This application lets you stream your favorite content anytime, anywhere, with a minimum internet connection. The application is easy to use and the developing user-friendly with excellent quality and a wide selection of content. 

Why Choose NetV Gold?

The reason for selecting this application is that you can access the vast library of TV shows, movies and dramas. The application allows users to filter out their favourite content with one click. 

The second reason for choosing NetV Gold is it easy to use. The streaming services are accessible, and you can easily find the content you are looking for. You can save your contact and watch it when you are online. 

Features of NetV Gold

Multiple device support 

The application allows users to simultaneously use their accounts on different devices and stream other content on multiple devices. This means that when you watch your favorite show on TV while someone else is in your home streaming program on the laptop. 

Offline Viewing

The best feature of this application offer you to download your favorite TV shows or any content watch it later when you do not have any access to the internet. 

Customizable Profiles

By using this application, you can customize your profile which helps you to select your preferences, and as a result, the application will show the content according to your choice. 

Affordable Pricing

The free version has 80 + channels and TV shows, but if you want to access a wide range of content, then the application has several different plains, and you can choose any of them depending on your need and budget. 

How to Get NetV Gold

You can go to its official website or download it from our website, register yourself, choose your plan, and start streaming your favourite content. 

Supports High-Quality Streaming

The application has an in-built video editor that allows users to watch all the content available on net tv gold. You can watch and stream high-quality content with different resolution options, and user can select their preferred resolution and start watching and streaming high content quality. 

Free access 

Most streaming applications are not available with premium features, but this application provides access to users free of cost with unlimited entertainment content. 


Many applications are not used in countries and the users use the VPN to access the content, but this application allows you to access content from all over the world without any VPN. 

Different countries 

You can stream and watch your favorite content from different countries without a subscription if you download the gold version. The list of countries where this application is most prevalent are 

  • Turkey
  • Korea
  • China
  • India
  • Pakistan
  • Bangladesh

Different varieties of content 

The application has different categories like movies, web series, TV shows, and funny content. The application adds New content daily with new trending web series, movies and dramas. There is a filter where you can select the range on their watches like an action comedy, Romance trailers, and many more suggestions. Click the filter button, choose your content, and start watching your favorite content. 

Why Choose Net TV Gold?

Wide Range of Channels 

Whether looking for movies, Sports news, or TV shows, Net TV Gold is best for everyone with a fast selection of channels you will never see on other platforms. 

High-Quality Video: 

The app provide high-quality videos streaming up to 4K Ultra HD resolution with Dolby Digital sound, and you can enjoy your favorite shows and movies in stunning detail. 

Key Feature Of NETV Gold Apk 

  • Users can use the premium content free of cost.
  • No registration is deployed to stream the contact. 
  • Well-designed application with multiple options. 
  • Support 2500 + channels worldwide. 
  • All the advertisements remove from the application and you can watch your favorite ads for free. 
  • You can watch your favorite movie series and sports and many more 
  • You can easily unlock all the movies by using the modified version. 
  • Unlock all the premium content. 
  • Videos are also uploaded on request. 
  • You can also create a list of your favorite content in one place. 
  • There are 10k+ categories available in the app. 

Frequently asked question 

Is Net TV Gold available in my area? 

Yes, this application is available worldwide and you should get it in your area. 

How many channels does Net TV Gold offer? 

The latest version of this application has supported 2500 + including popular Networks and information channels worldwide. 

 What devices can I use to stream Net TV Gold? 

Net TV Gold has a variety of devices, including Smart TV, streaming devices and mobile devices. 

How much does Net TV Gold cost? 

Net TV gold offers affordable prices in plans starting at $19.99 monthly.

Can this application be downloaded from Play Store? 

No, this application is currently not available on Play Store. You can download it from a third party or its original website. 

Can you download netv gold for iOS? 

Yes, you can download netv gold v6 and netv gold v7 for ios. These two versions are currently available for iOS devices. 


Overall, NetV is a fantastic streaming service that offers high-quality streaming of different TV shows and movies in content-friendly interfaces to watch popular content on the streaming platform.


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