New IMoba 2023 APK Part130 Download (Latest Version)

New IMoba 2023 APK
New IMoba 2023 APK

Mobile games have come a long way since their inspection. With advanced technology and improved graphics, mobile games evolved into an entirely LED industry. The New imoba 2023 is a new game developed by a team of experienced developers to revolutionalized the gaming industry with its graphics and initiative gameplay. If you are looking for a fantastic hack app for MLB, then you have come to the right place. We discuss a new MOBA injector for ML known as New Reborn IMoba 2023 which helps to solve your problem of saving your money and problem and get the weapons and moving without any money.

What is New IMoba 2023 APK?

In today’s world, the gaming industry is increasing daily and users have more room for apps like injectors and modes. New IMoba 2023 has come to the market because this is one of the best injectors for mobile legends. Bang bang to unlock the Drone costume weapons, money diamonds and more. Download the updated version of part 111 and improve your gameplay and gaming experience.

New Reborn IMoba 2023

Intuitive Gameplay

The game has initiative touch controls, making it easier for players to start and play the game quickly with its simple graphics and controls. Everyone can understand easily because of its interface, players can start the game and install it without spending on learning the controls. So if you want to increase your gaming experience, try the latest IMoba version.

Engaging Storyline

Imoba 2023 is an engaging storyline that ensures to keep the players entertained. This game is set in a futuristic world. Players must be able to get a complex storyline field action packed with twists and turns. The developers make the game true to joy.

Competitive Multiplayer

The game has multiplayer feature allowing to compete against each other in action pack matches. The multiplayer mod is well-designed, with various game mods, maps, and weapons.

Features of New Reborn IMoba 2023

  • There are multiple ml skins available for all users.
  • This application have draon view and maps which helps you to find enemies behind obstacles
  • This application allows users to view the enemies and table view.
  • You can customize the map according to your need.
  • This application has multiple battle effects like Battle Emotes, Custom Intro ML, Effect Recall, Effect Elimination, etc.
New Reborn IMoba 2023 1

What is IMoba 2023 apk?

This is an action game are players can battle against powerful Enemies and compete with them in challenging machines. This application is available on Play Store, but if you want to install the latest version with premium features, you can download it from’s official and trusted sites.

What are the Key Features of IMoba 2023 apk?

Impressive Graphics:

The game uses cut edge technology to provide players with a visually stunning experience during gameplay; no other application has this kind of graphics.

Intuitive Controls

The game has initiative control to provide users with a smooth gaming experience.

Challenging Missions

Imoba 2023 APK has different challenges, missions, the latest skills and abilities to participate in 30 + missions with other challenges. But the modified version of this application the users can jump any mission without completing them.

New Reborn IMoba 2023 3

Wide Range of Weapons

The game offers a wide range of weapons that helps users use during gameplay and defeat their enemies. User can upgrade their weapons during gameplay.

What are the System Requirements for IMoba 2023 apk?

Imoba app is a highly customized and optimized game that runs on every Android device.
Required at least 2 GB of RAM and 4GB of free storage for installing the game.
Installing the new imoba 2023 latest version requires an Android device with a minimum operating system of 4.2 or higher.

What’s new

All the bug fixes for MLBB users.
Updated extra features for new imoba 2023 part 96
Added 2D design helps users increase their gaming experience
Remove all the advertisements within the app
Added reborn imoba ml skin
Different weapons, costumes, and characters for players
Fix a bug issue of Custom Intro ML,


IMoba 2023 apk is the latest addition to the newly reborn imoba 2022, allowing users to use the premium features not available in the original application. This application is the best choice if you want to install IMoba for Android.


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