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Paylocity is a business app that allows you to access and manage your HR and payroll details. This management tool enables users to check and check out access messages and daily tasks, review their schedule, get to know their team, submit and approve the time of the request, and many more options on the home screen. You can customize the home screen to access the features when needed quickly.

This management tool simplifies your work. To use this app, ensure your employee installs the Paylocity client and must be authorized with their credentials.

Application overview

This app provides the best cloud HR and payroll software for medium-sized businesses. They offer solutions to maintain their Management in a mobile-ready experience. More than 20 million people use this app and receive monthly payments. Paylocity helps clients support their teams, empower employees, and manage finances effectively.

This tool helps the company simplify their work for Management by offering features like payment processing, time tracking tax compliance deposits, checking check out, progress checking onboarding applications tracking, employee self-service, involvement, and more.

What can employees do in the app?

Edit Personal Info: Using this app, employees can easily update their personal information, search in the company directory, and view the current and historical pay information.
Receive push notifications: Employees receive information to quickly find real-time request approval payout availability events, messages, and more.
Access Community: Employees join the community to connect with other fellows and stay updated on important news from the company leaders via a social collaboration hub.
Request access: Employees can quickly request a portion of earned wages before payday for greater financial flexibility.
Schedules and Timesheets: Review work schedules and timesheets for precise attendance tracking.
Clock In and Out: Save record work hours by clocking in and out directly within the app.
Org Chart: See the company’s structure on a chart, making talking and working together easier. This improves productivity and simplifies teamwork.

What can supervisors do in the app?

Time-off Requests: Easily submit, view, and approve requests with instant notifications.
Timecards: Review and approve employee time records.
Expense Reports: Review and approve expense documentation.
Journal Entries: Manage entries for your team members.
Schedules and Shifts: Create, view, and modify employee work schedules.

Security Features

Biometric Security: Use biometrics for quick and secure logins.
Encrypted Data: All activities are encrypted and securely transmitted to Paylocity servers.
Session Timeout: Inactive sessions will automatically log out to prevent unauthorized access.

Key Features

This app simplifies the payroll solution that automatically automates payroll, including tax filing, salary tracking, and compliance.
This app offers a benefits administration solution that allows employees to manage their benefits, including help with insurance retirement plans and more.
The app allows employees to track their attendance, clock in, clock out, request time out, and view their schedules.
This app smoothes onboarding by automating tasks such as completion collection and more.
This is the system where employees easily access their HR, including pay stubs, W-2s, and more.
It is the best tool for talent acquisition and Management.
This App helps HR to use the reports and analytic tools to track their team’s progress.
You can easily access all the company’s information, such as their contact locations.
They use the ITS Training feature that helps leaders train their entire team and create a survey to see whether the employees understand training material.
You can log in quickly and securely.
Using this app, you can review you are scheduled.


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