Truthfinder Mod Apk (Premium Unlocked)


truthfinder looks like a search engine that allows users to find anyone in the United States by name, address, phone number, or Email address. You can check all their details before connecting when you connect with different people. It is a popular service that offers detailed Information about individuals and provides multiple tools where users can easily get the Information.

What is TruthFinder?

This online platform allows users to search for public records and access detailed Information about any contact. It provides comprehensive details such as background checks, including criminal records, name , contact details, profiles, History, and more. This application is helpful for individual businesses and corporates who check public records daily.

By using its mod version, the user can access public and Private data, and they don’t pay anything extra for private results.


Reverse phone lookup: By using its reverse lookup phones, an option that can help you to check the background, rivers phone lock up for blocked suspicious numbers, check new number details, find records and marriage records and public search, and use property details and criminal records.
You can also search by username address and verify their background check. You can also find more Information like that reports caught records, criminal records, marriage records, and more.

Background Check: Using this application, you can use the background check option to get detailed Information about the number owner and find its address and possible relatives or friends.

People Search: The truth finder has a large database where you can filter genuine people and find their contact information.

Criminal Record Search: This app is helpful for businesses to check the criminal record of any contact before hiring any employee.

Address Lookup: If you need to very fine address, then this application of an address lookup feature allows you together Information about specific contact. Whether you are moving to a new location or want to address a business, this ensures you get the correct details.

Background Check Reports

Criminal History
Arrest Records
Vehicle Information
Properties Owned
Weapon Permits

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can the TRUTHFINDER apk be used internationally?

It is most used in the United step, but you can access it worldwide.

Is TRUTHFINDER apk free to use?

It operates on a subscription best model, and the app has various plans, including a free trial and pet subscription, but if you use the modified version, you don’t need to subscribe to any offer.

How accurately does the TRUTHFINDER apk provide the Information?

The app provides accurate InformationInformation sourced from the public regards the fight; however, on different occasions, the data may be out because this application gathers data from multiple sources.

How can I cancel my TRUTHFINDER apk subscription?

To cancel that subscription, you can go to the account settings or connect with their support to cancel it anytime.

Key features

You can use the Rivers phone lookup option to get the details of any contact.
You can search the people search feature to search for any people by their name.
You can check the background of any contact, including its name and address.
You can check only the contact’s address using the reverse address lookup feature.
If you search for many public records, you can use the public records search option.
You can use the reverse email lookup feature to get the email of a specific number.
You can use the use, and I’m looking to find any contact’s username.


This application provides a powerful tool for existing public Information about any individual, performing background checks, and obtaining their detailed Information, including name and email address. This app gathers Information from different resources so that any contact details may be outdated. If you find any contact outdated, you can contact their customer support. If you have any questions about the application, you can comment below with your problem. Thank you for visiting our website.


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