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Picma is an AI-enhanced tool designed to make your photo quality using advanced algorithms. This app offers various features, including deblurring, restoring old photos, converting to black and white, and removing scratches. This feature allows you to easily retouch facial details, eliminate photograph and voice sharpen images, and more—this app processes your photo using its Technology to create unique selfies and revive vintage images.

This app supports multiple file formats like BMP, JPEG, JPG, and PNG, with a maximum file size of 20 MB. If you are a member of this app, you can process up to images and have complete access to all the features online through its website or app.

This app uses cutting-edge AI Technology to offer exceptional enhancement and coloring effects. Its powerful portrait processing helps you create unique photos and restore old ones with just one click. Your image will be improved without losing its original detail and character.

Additionally, this app has a wide range of artistic filters. You can create your unique cartoon or comic-style Avatar, transform it into a character like Harry Potter, or even change the background to a starry sky or a dreamy sunset. You can share these photos with your friends and on different social platforms.

Enhance/Enhance Pro

You can enhance your photo quality by removing noise and imperfections without losing the detail and natural appearance of the picture.

Restore Old Photo

If you have all the pictures and want to change their look, this app is ideal for transforming blurry, damaged, or old pictures into clear, high-quality images. This app uses an advanced AI facial algorithm that converts your old photo into a new one with high quality without resolution issues.


This photo editing app offers reappearing damaged images. This uses advanced techniques to eliminate scratches, creases, and other imperfections to make photos look new. Installing old or damaged photographs. It uses advanced technology to identify the issues and images and then uses its algorithm to fix them and, as a result, give you an improved and enhanced picture.

Colorize the photos

This app allows you to colorize black-and-white family photos effortlessly. Its advanced Technology gives a new look to old pictures and restores their colors. This app simplifies the colorization process, and you would love to change your photo’s colors without requiring photo editing expertise. With this AI photo enhancer, you can bring your family photos to life and see how it can beautifully transform your treasured memories.

Selfie Enhance

This app allows you to enhance your skin easily by improving its quality skin tone and refining facial features. Using this app tool, you can customize and improve yourself, including a one-click option for removing Red Eye effects.

Create your cartoon photo

You can use this app to transform your photos with AI avatars and animated cartoons. More than 100 + premade cartoon effects are available, and you can use them to make your photos look like cartoons. With its user-friendly editing tools, you can quickly turn the image into a fun and unique cartoon smile for your friends and followers. If you want to use the personalized cartoon feature of Pickma Premium, you can download and start to make your AI avatar.

Face Animator

This is the unique feature of this app that adds fun and excitement to your photos. This tool detects facial expressions and applies elements to give your images and pictures new life. You can also use premade face animations like adding smooth skin, a smiling mouth, curly hair-changing cloth, and more.

Change the background into the sky in One tap.

Add a stunning sky background to your photos, enhancing their beauty with random and captivating scenery.

Magic Sky

If you want to add backgrounds to your images, you can use the Sky Magic feature to enhance your photos by adding a randomly generated beautiful sky background. Once the painting is developed, you can customize it by changing its color and position.


This app turns your cherished photos into beautiful artwork. It allows you to apply different filters, including Colored Pencil, Cutout, Dry Brush, Film Grain, Fresco and effects including dry, scumble glaze and more. If you are an artist and want to create unique paintings from your photos, this user-friendly app is for you.

Toon face

Using this feature, you can get your unique AI cartoon Avatar. To do this, you can upload a photo from the gallery, and this tool generates an Avatar based on your uploaded image. It uses advanced Technology by applying different filters and effects on your uploaded photo to develop the AI Avatar.

How to Use Picma

To use this app, follow the given steps.

First, visit its official website and download the app from Google Play or App Store.
Once you install the app, open the app and upload a photo you want to enhance by clicking on the upload button and dragging and dropping the image.
Once you upload the photo, select the enhanced features from the available options, such as Enhance, Restore Old Photo, DeScratch, Colorize, Selfie Enhance, Cartoon-Box, Face Animator, Magic Sky, Painting, or Toon Face.
Once you choose the enhancement feature, adjust the parameters according to your needs.
Finally, click on the enhanced reply button to start the enhancement classes.
Please wait for the process to complete; it takes time because it applies different AI Technologies for enhancement.
Once the enhancement is complete, you can preview and download the photo by clicking on the download button.


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