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PlayerJet is an Android application developed by CyberTech and serves as a multifunctional video hub. This app offers many features to enhance your video viewing experience. One of the popular features of this app is Download Manager, which allows you to download videos for offline viewing and enjoy the content even without an Internet connection.

This video platform supports various video formats and ensures you can watch your favorite videos without wearing compatibility issues. Keep all the video formats, whether your content is high quality or standard tape.

This app simplifies the process of video streaming. It supports various streaming protocols like HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) links, Dash (Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP), and direct video links. This means you can enjoy and easily access online videos without restrictions.

Seamless Compatibility

This app supports videos in any format without difficulty. It allows you to watch your favorite videos without being concerned about whether they will work on the app. This app is designed to be highly compatible with various video formats, and you can enjoy your trip content regardless of the format in which it is told. This app also allows you to convert your videos to a specific format, saving time and effort. I want you to enjoy your videos without any compatibility-related worries.

Download Manager

Using this app, say goodbye to the limitations of online streaming. Now, using this app, you can easily save your favorite videos and download them for offline viewing, and this app allows you to watch them anytime, anywhere.

Easy Streaming

PlayerJet simplifies the streaming process for various sources, including HLS links, Dash links, and direct videos. You have no restriction to access your favorite content quickly with just a few clicks.

PlayerJet Stream HLS

You don’t need advanced knowledge to use PlayerJet’s Stream HLS feature. Simply stream HLS links and easily access your preferred content without any complications.

Key Features

HD video player with all formate support
Streams video anytime, anywhere.
Use an advanced download manager to manage your downloads.
You can change the volume brightness, soundtrack captions, and more.

What’s new

Bug Fixes
Fixed video format issue
Fixed App Crashe on Share Button
Share Button Fix
Selected Download Canceled on a slow internet connection


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