My PomPom MOD APK (Latest Version)


n the environment around him. You can control the platforms of stickers and items to assist him and utilize everything available to build bridges, set up rings, trim vines, and more, from spaces to beaches with flying fish and ancient temples hidden in the jungle guide Pompom through various settings. You aim to be clever and out his enemies. You must also rescue Pompom’s friend Hoshi, Captain Cat and his crew capture.

One day while Pompom the hamster was exercising on his wheel Hoshi, a young boy, rushed into the home. He had a hand full of stunning that had fallen from the Sky with lowed ‘BOOM.’ Suddenly, captain cat and his crude appear, and their use Potter to take the boy away, and now Pompom has to go on a journey to save his friend Hoshi from the earth’s best Cat Pirates.


Pompom: The Great Space Rescue is a puzzle game where you control Pompom, a cute alien on a mission to save his friends from an evil space pirate. You can guide Pompom through different worlds, each with challenges and enemies. Pompom collects different items like Rockets magnets bubbles to tackle tackles. Tape the screen to make the Pompom jump, dodge, or attack to get the items. Avoid falls and enemies.

This game has colorful graphics high, quality music, and funny animation. You can use it to create your level and share them with other players.

Key Features

Experience a different platform game where you control the platforms instead of the characters.
Discover a wonderful homage to the SNES classics and the nostalgic era of 16-bit retro gaming.
This game has different words for epic rescue missions leap on flying fish, avoid dangerous arrows, ward off vengeful spirits, swim past piranhas, combat flying saucers, and encounter many other challenges along the way.
Pompom defeats Enemies and collects items, and you can utilize this item to interact with the word and guide him to victory.
Use every available item to shoot from cannons, swing on ropes, cut through vines, spread honey, freeze time, and more.
Play in smooth graphic mode.
In this game, you can help Pompom TO SAVE Hoshi.
Ability to travel multiple worlds.
This app has cute and funny graphics, music, and high-quality animations.
Ability to create your levels and share them with others.
Collect the different items from all over the world and track them with monuments to solve problems.
All the advertisements are removed.


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