Power Warriors 16.6 APK (MOD, Unlimited Money)


If you like anime martial arts games, you must listen about Dragon Ball Z. Power Warriors is the same concept as Dragon Ball with different characters, including Lord Beerus, MUI Goku, and base Goku, Vegeta, Boca, and Dunk. The game has different episodes and chapters, and you can play one by one to achieve the challenges and go further levels. 

This action-packed game is designed to provide an Ultimate Fighting experience on a mobile device. There are different powerful tools you can choose from to defeat you, and in the Battle of Supremacy, this article discusses Power Warriors APK and its thrilling features, which help you to become a master in the game. 


The game is designed in 2D, and all the scenes in 2D fighting help you to experience the difficult fighting scene and master yourself with a white range of characters from Popular enemy shows, and each help with unique move and abilities. 

The controls are initiative and simple, with the virtual joystick and buttons available for attacking blocking and some special buttons used to perform a special move. You can perform by chaining together different moves and abilities. When you constantly play the game, you will learn deeply about your opponent’s moves, strengths, and weaknesses and use this information to get an advantage. 

Characters: Unleash the Power Within

The best thing about Power Warriors is the wide range of characters; each character has its font style, special moves, and abilities to make a game more enjoyable. You can choose the characters that suit your lifestyle, like Goku or a heavy hitter like Broly, and fight with them. The game has a levelling system that allows you to upgrade your character when you move forward, and you learn more learn experience about different battles and complete challenges to unlock the premium moves. 

Gameplay Mechanics: Master the Art of Fighting

The gameplay mechanism is easy from the start and difficult at the end. You have different buttons to control your character movements and attacks from animals and have a Combo system to protect yourself from other moves and abilities and attack enemies. The game have a special block button that protects you from your opponent’s attack, and when the other player counter-attacks you, the blocking feature will automatically unlock. Learning went to block and went to attack, the key to becoming a master in the game. 

Modes: Choose Your Destiny

The game has different game modes to keep the players entertained for hours. The game have we different modes, which are 

Story mode

The story Mode allows players to play the game-man storyline unlocking new characters, weapons, and abilities as you progress. 


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