Prodigy MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)


Prodigy is a Math learning app used by millions of teachers and students globally to improve their math by practising different activities. It is a learning game-based App that makes Math enjoyable and effective. In this game of interactive math games, we are players who must answer skill-building math questions to progress. Along the way, they can earn rewards and even play with friends to improve their maths skills.

This app has high-quality educational content available for every user for free. Prodigy offers fun learning for math at no cost, making it a valuable tool for teachers and students, improving math education worldwide.

Prodigy used by Teachers

More than 1 million teachers use this app in their classrooms. It helps students to master the math standard through enjoyable gameplay. Teachers align their math content with lesson plans, monitor student progress, and make informed decisions about teaching priorities. Educators face no trial periods or hidden costs. Optional parent memberships keep Prodigy free for teachers, enhancing math education in the classroom.

Prodigy used by parents

You can invest in your child’s learning journey with engaging games that make learning enjoyable. Boost your maths skills and confidence, and a safe environment motivates learning, monitors progress, and encourages the practice of new skills. As a parent, you can see your child’s classroom performance and other activities. Optional Prodigy memberships provide extra features, boost engagement, and promote more math practice while keeping the platform free for teachers.

Key features

Using this app, parents use Math to practice their child’s progress, set a girl, and give rewards to encourage their child.
You can use this app to play educational math games to enhance your skills.
For 1400, available skills allow students to learn more about math.
Using this app, you can create your character.
You can rescue pets by solving math problems.
You can play with your friends to improve your maths skills.
Participate in seasonal festivals.
Explore math’s magic! Players go on quests with battles, spells, and rewards. Each action presents math questions for students to solve and build their skills.
Build a world by practising reading and language skills. Correct answers help students gather supplies and develop skills.


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