Projeto Relo APK MOD 2023 For Android

Projeto Relo APK
Projeto Relo APK

Projeto Relo APK is a mobile application with various features to enhance its kite functionality. The app allows users to customize their kite and access the various tools, settings, and features that allow them to personalize their experience. 

Why Projeto Relo APK is an Excellent Choice

There are several reasons why you choose Projeto Relo APK. One reason is that the app provides additional functionalities to enhance your device. This application is regularly updated with new features, and improvements.

Another feature of this application is that it is completely free to download and use. This means you can enjoy all of the app features without paying any single amount. 


The main story of this game revolves around a kite player who experiences different challenges when playing the kite game and faces opponents during gameplay. There is a training section where the player train and play the practice matches with their teammates. Once you master the skills, participate in tournaments to kill the players. 

Projeto Relo Apk Features

High-Quality 3D graphics 

The game has stunning 3D graphics and every feature will be visible in the chat when you zoom any feature and you will enjoy every feature and gameplay because of its graphics. 

Zoom function

The zoom function is popular in this game, you can easily see how close your kind is to your opponents. Zoom lets you easily interact with opponents and make full moves to take down maximum kites. 

Meet new friends

This app allows you to make friends worldwide and challenge your friends and competitors to play with you. 

Fast scrolling 

In reality, it’s not possible to move quickly, but in this game, you will move fast and able to face new opponents more quickly. 

Huge variety of kites 

The application has different types of Kites, such as Suru, Raia, Cafifa, Peixinho, Capucheta, or Rabecão, and you can choose your kite and participate in the battle. The battle does not depend on the kite. The player will also have good skills to win the battles. The kites have their features and weaknesses, so the application provides you with an advanced tool to take full control over your opponents to cut their tails. 

Different scenarios 

The game has different scenarios inspired by various countries’ brains and formats. The developer designs the game in a way that is enjoyable during gameplay. 

Unlimited resources 

The app has unlimited resources, including all kinds of ravioli, melodies, etc., you have full control over changing everything for better results and improving your performance. 

Projeto Rélo Mod APK – No Ads 

The game provides you with an ads-free experience, you will enjoy a cool game full of adventure and fun and enjoy the different scenarios in different countries with an ads-free experience. 

Key Features 

  • You can easily customize your kites. 
  • The ability to make new friends worldwide and invite them to play challenges with them. 
  • You will find unlimited resources for all users. 
  • The application has free and paid plans. You will pay to buy the premium subscription if you want to use the premium features. 
  • You will receive a daily notification. 
  • You can customize your kite with Special lines and use many types of coral, tails, prints, and formats. 
  • You will find different levels, and each level has a different task. After completing each level, you will receive gifts and promo codes. 
  • You can see your kite closely by using the zoom feature. 
  • There are many types of drag once available in the Relo APK project. 
  • You can find thousands of games and apps here 
  • The game has a simple and easy-to-use interface 
  • The game offers all your favorite gaming platforms like pubg, free fire, and more. 
  • You can create your account to receive the latest updates and gifts from the app. 


Project Relo is the best kite game for beginners and professionals. You will see all the guidelines, create customized kites, participate in tournaments, and defeat opponents. Download the apk file below and start playing the kite game to experience a new journey.


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