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Proud Father APK
Proud Father APK

Proud Father APK is a mobile app game in which the player becomes the titular proud father of his child, starting from an egg. The player must take care of the egg, feeding it, playing with it, and putting it to sleep at night until it hatches into a baby. The game is similar to other games like “The Sims” or “Harvest Moon” in gameplay.

In honor of Father’s Day, I’d like to share a story of how my father influenced my life. He’s taught me many important lessons, but I’d like to focus on how he’s helped me deal with stress and anxiety. Stress or fear can sometimes hinder my ability to do things I want or need to do. When that happened, I remember how my father helped me cope with stressful situations. He’s taught me how to make the best of a problem and not let stress get in the way of pursuing goals and opportunities. I’m very thankful for him, and I hope you and your father have a great day.

Different events and levels

In “The Game,” different events occur throughout the day, such as going to work or caring for a sick child. If players take good care of their babies, the baby will grow up, and the player can have a second birth with another woman. However, it’s not always easy, so players want to ensure they are prepared. They should get an IUD or tubal ligation if they can afford it.

This app helps you build mental strength through various challenges and games. The goal is to give you a sense of accomplishment, teach you about patience, and help develop self-awareness.

The Gameplay Of Proud Father 0.9.5 APK

In this game, players enjoy every feature and service the game provides to users. Safari can download proud father’s latest version from our website and then play the game, and their 8 Different techniques reply by the users and show their love for parents. You can select players like sons, daughters, or others to express their feelings to their parents. In the game, you can take care of your parents, shop for different types of costumes and clothes for their parents, and many more. So if you can imagine the real thing in virtual, you can play proud father apk.


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Main character 

By the way, the main character of the game is a widower; in her house, many girls get together. From such girls, you have to select who you want to include in your game and who you want to exclude.

Choose Your Path

The harem route is one of the essential paths in the game. The other paths included in the game are the sister-only road path, the pure-father path, and the top-secret path. The competition aims for the player to become the best father, brother, uncle, and spouse.


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As you play Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff, you’ll have the chance to earn collectibles that can be used to unlock a variety of items, including character costumes, coins, boosters, and Family Guy storylines. These collectibles can be earned by completing quests, participating in events, or logging into the game daily. So start collecting today and see what cool things you can unlock.


The Proud Father Mod apk is designed to be easy for users to play and enjoy. It’s an exciting simulation game that allows users to experience different types of fun events. The game’s goal is to become your child’s proud father. Playing the game will improve your mental strength and help you develop self-awareness.

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