Download PStreamer APK (full version) for Android

Download PStreamer APK (full version) for Android

Are you looking for an app to stream video content without any limitations, then you have come to the right place because we provide you with pstreamer apk which offers a remote controller for your ps5 and PS4 without any limitations, and you can play your favourite games remotely while you are away. This app is optimized and provides a streaming experience with the lowest possible latency. 

What is PStreamer APK?

This free streaming app allows users to watch movies, TV shows, and live TV channels on their Android devices. The app offers a fast selection of channels from various countries, including the USA, UK, Canada India, and you can enjoy the streaming without interruption. 

Easy Connection Setup 

Using this app, you can easily connect pS4 and ps5 devices and stream the content. 

Control your console FROM ANywhere.

This app lets you easily download games and advance for quick access. If you are running out of storage, the console helps you to manage space efficiently. This app has a quick sign-in as a remote games launch feature, making it easy to start without delay. Once you activate in the future, you can control your console from anywhere, anytime.

Discover new games and the latest news.

On PlayStation, you can easily shop for new games and deals, get daily gaming news, and receive notifications on your phone for updates and invitations. It’s a simple and convenient way to stay connected with the latest releases and news in the PlayStation gaming world.

Connect with friends

On PStreamer, you can see who’s online and what games your friends are playing. Chat and message your PSN friends, plan multiplayer gaming, and check out others’ profiles and trophy collections. It’s an easy way to connect and stay updated in the PlayStation gaming community.

High-quality streaming

The app offers high-quality streaming, which allows users to watch and play PS4 and ps5 games with high definitions.

Key Features

  • Party controller with support for all the Android devices 
  • You can use mobile data to stream content. 
  • Support all Android TV devices 
  • Support gamepad button mapping 
  • You can register multiple profiles of PS4 and ps5 through this app. 
  • Support the customization of on-screen game bad layout 
  • You can use this application on rooted or nonrooted devices 
  • Support old PS4 Framework from 5.0 and new 
  • Picture-in-picture mode available 
  • The app supports multi-windows is required Android 7.0 to be up version. 
  • You can record and capture your screen through a third-party app. 

How to connect PStreamer to PS4

Connect PStreamer to your PS4. You need to follow the given steps.

First, download the pStreamer app from the official website.
Once you download the app, install its APK by allowing the installation from unknown sources.
To register your PS4 on the PStreamer app, follow the provided instructions within the app. Locate the “Remote Play Connection Settings” menu on your PS4, copy the provided code, and paste it into the corresponding field within the PStreamer app.
Once you register your PS4, you can stream your games to any supported device.

Frequently asked questions

How do I sign up for pStreamer?

Visit from any web browser and follow the steps to create an account on the app. 

Do I pay to watch the games on streamer? 

When watching games on the app, you don’t need to pay for most games, but some games on pstreamer are paid for. If you buy a subscription to PS games, you can play them for free. 

How do you set up playing away from home for the pstreamer app? 

To set up this app by playing away from home, first, install this app, register your PS4, and ensure that both of your devices are connected to the internet. Once you install the app, activate Remote Play in your PS4 settings, log in to your PSN account on both devices, and launch the Remote Play on the app. Ensure a strong internet connection for smooth gaming. Steps may differ, so check the app’s guide or contact support for precise instructions.


This application is used for playing your Playstation games on your Android device. You can connect your console to your Android device and access any game anytime. PS Remote Play and Xbox App APK are alternatives to this app, so try them out for more features.


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