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Pure Writer
Pure Writer

Pure Writer is a fast and user-friendly plan text and mark-down edited design for writers to offer an optimal writing experience. This app supports interaction with Chatgbt for information and answers while writing. Turning on Pure Writer Copilot gives instant writing tips and content ideas while writing.

With its minimalistic interface, this app ensures you can write freely without fearing losing your work. It includes features like customizable line and paragraph spacing for readability, smooth scrolling, swipe-to-collapse-keyboard, and more.

This app allows you to write anything and makes sharing content easy. This app also allows you to save your work with fingerprint security. Plus, it automatically saves your work in History, so you won’t lose it, even if you accidentally delete it or your device unexpectedly shuts down.

Pure Writer makes writing easier and keeps your work safe and easy to access.

KEY Features

This app is designed to provide a good writing experience, and it’s a fast plain text editor that allows you to write at your heart’s content anytime, anywhere, without fearing the loss of your content.
This app also supports chat GPT on the secondary screen, providing extra information consultation and answers during writing.
You can use its line and paragraph spacing feature where your tax will be clear and more comfortable to read. It offers a smooth scrolling sweep-to-collapse keyboard and many more exciting features.
Using this app, you can write unlimited words.
You are content and never lost.
This app offer night mode and light mode feature. You can switch any of them at any time.
This app has different matters where you format your text by changing text colour, font size, and more.
This app has an auto-lock feature where all your content logs when you save the content.
Apart from writing, you can also use the typewriter mode feature to write the content automatically.
This app has a great cursor focus feature that helps you to focus the cursor on important content.
You can hide the scroll to the top by icon.
If you write mathematical content like latex formula, text highlighting and many more math functions, this app offers all the procedures and processes and can use them on your content.
Android 11 keyboard animations provide smooth control.
No word limit.
Features a breathing cursor effect.
Auto-complete symbol pairs.
Auto-delete symbol pairs.
Supports reformatting.

Pure Writer – Protective Mechanism

Content changes trigger auto-saving; if unsuccessful, Pure Writer alerts the user.
Content is checked and saved in the database every two seconds; any failure prompts a user notification.
Automatic local and cloud backups when editing, exiting, or running in the background.
Supports history record.
Undo and redo capabilities.
Includes a Trash folder to prevent accidental article deletion.

What’s new in the latest version

AI Writing Assistant & Copilot support.
OneDrive Cloud Sync & Backup.
Book Tags for the organization.
No word limits for chapters.
Daily writing statistics.
Auto-complete for symbol pairs.
Symbol pair deletion.
Compatible with PureWriter Desktop v1.8.
We synchronized the animated keyboard.
Smooth cursor movement.
Quick exit with Enter.
Read-only mode with double-click cursor.
Transparent navigation bar adaptation.
Faster launch for a smooth writing experience.


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