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Puzzles & Survival
Puzzles & Survival

Puzzles & Survival combines match three puzzle and strategy game developed by 37GAMES. This game is available on Android and IOS devices on Google Play and the App Store. The game’s story is set in the post-post-apocalyptic world. Players are tested with challenges, including puzzle-solving Survival and best-building leadership updates and expansions. If you want free puzzle games, try this game to solve puzzles and get money and Diamonds.

The Gameplay

This gameplay is based on match 3 Puzzles with different strategies, creating a unique post-apocalyptic adventure. The world is dominated by zombies, where players are tasked with using their problem-solving abilities to face these murderers and create a secure refuge. The game stands out with its mix of strategy and fun puzzle-solving. Players lead Survival and create powerful equipment to fight enemies. Unique heroes with zombie-related superpowers can be recruited from Noah’s Tavern, greatly improving military and economic strength in the game’s strategy.

Puzzle Solving

The gameplay of this game revolves around solving 3 match puzzles. Players match strategy to match and eliminate the title to achieve objects. In this game, solving puzzles can help you defeat zombies and complete various in-game tasks.

Survival and Base Building The puzzle-solving players are responsible for building and maintaining a sanctuary in the post-apocalyptic setting. This involves Resource Management, constructing structures, and defending against Threads like Zombies.

Recruit characters

In the post-apocalyptic world, there are different survivals. The main character, Noah, recruits many characters from the tavern who are Heroes with advanced weapons and skills. These heroes have unique combat skills and distinctive attack styles, and their strength is reflected in the damage they inflict on zombies. These characters use special and unique weapons after each puzzle move, like guns and special abilities. You can upgrade these Hero’s weapons, outfits, and other equipment using collected loot to make them strong in the game. Apart from collecting equipment at the end of each level, you will be rewarded many diamonds and coins, which you can use to upgrade your equipment.


In this game, please make Strategies and apply Different techniques to solve puzzles to eliminate Zombies. It blends tactical wargaming with casual puzzle gameplay, offering an innovative post-apocalyptic gaming experience.


Lead survivors in humanity’s final stronghold and craft advanced equipment to defeat your adversaries.


Superhuman abilities appeared with the zombie virus outbreak. You can enlist Heroes from Noah’s Tavern, known for its exceptional individuals, to enhance your military and economic prowess.


Surviving together is crucial; join forces with allies in battle. Stay active for probable threats, whether they’re zombies or other survivors.

Updates and Expansions

The game regularly updated the new content to keep the players updated. The latest version of the game introduces a Kung Fu-themed adventure. The latest update introduces a Kung Fu-themed adventure. The extension likely includes new gameplay elements, challenges, and characters, such as the monk Wuxin, to add freshness to the gaming experience.

Heroes with Superhuman Powers

In this game, heroes with special powers can be recruited to boost military and economic strength, playing a key role in the game’s strategy.

Key Features

It’s a match-three puzzle game with survival challenges.
This game allows you to construct Shelters to protect your heroes against other zombies in Survival.
You can create a team of Heroes and fight against different enemies.
Explore the world of Puzzles with diverse challenges.
Exciting quests and machines to test your abilities.
You have the option to choose the character wisely to overcome threats.
You have the opportunity to master kung fu before playing the game, and with the help of Kung Fu, you destroy the other characters.
In the Kung Fu-themed update, you can become a martial artist, refine your skills, face exciting challenges, and meet the talented monk Wuxin. Embark on adventures to become grandmasters.
Unlimited diamonds
Unlimited resources
Unlimited everything
Unlocked all cheats


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