Rainway QR Code APK (Latest Version)


rainway QR code allows Gamers to stream their favorite games and TV shows on mobile phones; tablets are Android-compatible Chromebook by simply scanning a QR code from the app and enjoying all the streaming with a new and amazing experience.

How Does Rainway QR Code Work?

With the power of cloud gaming and QR Technology, you can scan the QR code and stream games from your PC, which are consoled to various devices, including smartphones and tablets, and are even smarty forward process. You don’t require any technical knowledge to use this app.

Streaming games via QR code

To start the app, you first need to install your coming PC or console, and then this app acts like a server where you can stream the game content and your device without any restrictions. You can generate a QR code through this app whenever you want to play the game.

QR code Scanning Process

Once you generate the QR code, you can open the app on the target device and scan the code using a device camera; this will establish a connection with your gaming PC and start streaming directly from your device.

Benefits of Rainway QR Code

Using this app, you will benefit from some of its features to enjoy the game anywhere, anytime, and some of its key advantages include.

Easy game streaming: Streaming your favorite content like games is a simple way. I scan the QR code; you don’t need to use a laptop or come sole to stream the games. You can generate a QR code from your mobile and scan it on the target device to play the game.

White range of games: You can access the entire game library on your device, and you can enjoy different games you can enjoy every game without spending money and storage.

Cross-platform compatibility: This app supports a cross-platform gaming experience and allows users to enjoy streaming on a PC or console.

Setting Up Rainway QR Code

Installing the Rainway app: The first step is installing the app on your gaming PCR console. This application is compatible with Windows make OS, LINUX, and consoles like Xbox and PlayStation.

Creating an account: Once you install the app, you must create one. First, register the account with your email and access the library to generate a QR code for streaming.

Linking game platforms: Like again, you want to play on your device and then scan the QR code to access your favorite game.

Key features

This application is compatible and Windows, Mac, or iOS.
You can use advanced technology to stream high-quality content.
This application support Xbox and PlayStation games.
You can customize options to enhance the will gaming experience and easily customize its settings like resolution and graphics quality.
You can enjoy playing your favorite games remotely, and this app provides a seamless gaming experience for all users.


This game-changer app with features that will allow players to stream games to enjoy their favorite title and their device without expensive hardware are complicated setups. You can customize the app settings to change your graphics resolution and make it personalized according to your need. You can set up this application with your steps. You don’t require any technical knowledge to use this application, so download the app now to start your console games on your mobile.


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