Rotaeno MOD APK V1.11.3 (Unlocked Music)


Get ready for an exciting adventure with Rotaeno. This is a fun music game that uses your device’s motion sensors. You will enter space and hit notes by rotating your device when you play. Use headphones to immerse yourself in the awesome beers and cool sound of the cosmic journey. This app combines music and gaming for a better experience, and it’s easy to play, and you will keep entertaining yourself. So get ready to tap flick and Grove your way thoughts with this amazing musical adventure with Rotaeno.

The special feature of this app is rotation which focuses on it and makes it different from other rhythm games. This app introduces notes that need to make smooth turns and quicks pens to hit them. This app gives you the sensation of racing through space at high speed, performing daring stunts. This app offers a unique and exciting experience that combines music timing and skillful rotations.


The game tells a peaceful and gentle story about a schoolgirl name Llot from the planet Aquaria. As a player follow the main character, there will be drawn into a heartfelt and emotional narrative.

During her journey, she will explore different stars and planets, meet new friends, Discover unknown places, experience goodbyes, and search for the promised land. All of these experiences are linked Together by continuously steam to the melodic sound that presents the essence of life. Its emotional journey Explores themes of love, hope, and the importance of protecting what we hold dear.

This app introduces a unique innovation. Before starting a song, players must contain the center of the circle by tapping on small music icons that slide down in sync with a melody. This gameplay adds an extra layer of excitement for players.

Multi-Genre Music and Beats

This app has special songs and music made by famous rhythm game composers. The composer covers different music styles like EDM, JPOP, KPOP, and even Opera, different varieties of songs. You can explore different genres of music with beats. The developers are committed to regularly Releasing new songs to keep the fun going.

Cutting-edge Rotation Mechanism

The publisher edits special features that involve rotations to make this app different from other games. When hitting the notes at the right time, the player will also need to rotate, and during each level, a big circle with a center will appear on the screen. The center is where all the samples and characters are shown up, and there are only two fixed points on the outer circle. You must move the circle to catch the character from the center. This game is challenging, and you need quick and accurate skills.

Carefully Crafted 3D Visuals

And this music game sound usually tax priority over everything else; however, the game provides a satisfying experience to play, and the graphics in the game is outstanding. The app has a wide variety of backgrounds that will impress you. The app of US players is a vibrant and colorful world we are you can enjoy music. The game features use powerful technology and an advanced sound system complemented by a harmonious mix of light and dark colors.

Key Features of Rotaeno

The app offers a unique gameplay experience for real players, not only headlight, not a spot but also engaging in rotation movements by adding an extra layer of challenge.
The game design has stunning 3D graphics.
Game of advanced sound system that delivers bold and immersive audio.
The game brings the excitement of orchid gaming to your fingertips and provides hours of entertainment And enjoyment for players of all skills level.
The app has a wide range of music genres and tracks and provides a diverse musical selection to enhance the gameplay.


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